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The new owners of No 1 Commercial Street in Aldgate East, London have agreed to hold talks over ending the use of segregated entrances at its tower block of flats. 751 more words

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As delegates from the Thurrock & Basildon Heckler have attended a number of the No Poor Doors protests to show our solidarity with the struggle against social apartheid and social cleansing in London, it's great to see that the protests have got a result...

The International Housing Crisis

In today’s post we return to the issues underpinning our recent coverage of the MIPIM protests at Olympia. This will be short on words and is intended to remind our readers that the housing issues we face at Lancaster West, throughout Kensington & Chelsea, and across London and the rest of the UK, are not ours alone. 296 more words

The Truth About Housing Benefit

In a climate of unrepentant cuts and increasing poverty, bureaucracy and discrimination for benefit claimants, one group of individuals are seemingly unscathed recipients of growing welfare payments: landlords. 1,410 more words


No Poor Doors Protest. Every Wednesday at 6 pm.

This protest has been going for some months. It is challenging the fact that Redrow, the owner of the luxury block, has one door for its desired residents and another door for those in its ‘affordable’ accommodation. 66 more words


Howler 14 Out now!

Issue 14 of  Action East End’s paper, The East End Howler is now out. It features articles about the Focus E15 Mothers campaign and The No Poor Doors campaign… 47 more words


The USA, home of the brave land of the free, but only if your wealthy....

America the good old USA, the land of the free, the home of the brave or something like that has today become the home of the nasty. 294 more words


Housing matters at the Supreme Court-3

London has more legal matters to do with housing than other towns, and this morning, one made it to The Independent. It is a case that will probably also turn up at the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal rejected the appeal last week, paving the way for similar cases. 100 more words

Eviction And Housing Matters