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My Generation

As someone with a keen interest in politics, I often wonder why the majority of the people around me don’t have so much as an opinion on political issues and really couldn’t care less. 756 more words

Focus E15 Mothers - Liberating the Carpenters Estate

On Sunday 21 September, a nearly empty council estate in Stratford, East London was turned into a children’s party venue by a group of young mothers and their supporters. 137 more words

Something Is Stirring In The Capital: The Fight Against Social Cleansing Bursts Into Life

With the Tory’s threatening a new benefit cap and cuts to Local Housing Allowance if they win the next election, it is unsurprising that London’s fucked housing market is emerging as a key site of struggle in the capital. 589 more words

Fighting Back

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We know this post is about housing struggles in London, however, in light of recent comments by Essex County Councillor, Kerry Smith (UKIP) relating to new housing developments planned for Basildon and his fears that the area will be used as a 'dumping ground' by London boroughs as the pace of gentrification intensifies, we think this is of interest to people out here. We do intend to write an in depth piece on the relationship between housing pressures out here in south / south-east Essex and the process of gentrification / social cleansing in London at some point - for the time being, this post on the Void is a useful introduction...

Calling trade union activists to stand against social cleansing and inequality in London

London is facing gentrification forcing working people out of their home boroughs as prices rise. Added to the problems of the bedroom tax, inflation, rent rises and pay cuts, working class communities are being dismantled. 132 more words


TV Debate - Is Gentrification Good For London, Or Social Cleansing In Disguise?

Today, I will be back on the Headline London panel on London Live TV, debating whether gentrification is a good thing for London or an insidious form of social cleansing. 423 more words