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Unsubscribing my LIfe

This is it.  I am reclaiming my life.  By default, I am subscribed to so many lists.  There are supermarkets, wine companies, coupon companies, dress shops, and other retailers.   302 more words

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Nigel Farage: Beowulf

Westminster’s political elite: Grendel (The Monster)

The EU: Grendel’s Mother.

An English inscribed stone cross circa 7th century. 259 more words


Thoughts on the subject of Government and Security

While I doubt that there have ever been any formal studies on the subject, I would suggest that an observer looking at the Australian attitude to our government would find a number of interesting and quite contradictory attitudes present in our society. 1,112 more words


Keeping a journal

I’ve recently started to keep a journal, something which I have tried many times before, without a lot of success. I don’t really know why but I feel that I want to collect my thoughts and acts daily so they can inspire my writing of daily bogs during November. 331 more words

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A fart-like trumpet
blaring Judgement

calling all for
sundry sins to

sins of omission and commission
sins savored
in huge academies
much intellectually

whilst satellites high… 15 more words


The Red Wheel

Selected quotes from August 1914:

“But Sanya was one of those simpletons who make everything complicated.”

“There is , however, in military science a principle even more important than that of continual advance: your objective must match your resources.” 98 more words


Artists of Australia , Is it time for Free Art Friday?

There are a lot of us who’d love to see art  be a little less about price driven, elitist galleries and a little more about broadening the platform for emerging artists and new talent. 442 more words