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Some geopolitical education

When we have a situation like that in Crimea, or as we have had on the Korean peninsula in recent years, I hear a lot of highly uneducated questions. 2,685 more words

Social Comment

When winning leaves you at a loss

“The only way to win in a no-win situation is to draw.”

My comment brings the heated debate lurching to a halt. My team look at each other as they consider this and what it might mean. 1,208 more words


Career Planning

Education and self improvement are the silent couriers delivering self-confidence and pride through your post box. How else will you make any sense of the World? 86 more words


The Human Design Version 1.0

Safety features

• Water and shock resistant

• Multi sensor

• Virus inhibiting

Comms features

• Self organising and self promoting

• Social network-enabled

Design features… 59 more words