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The rape of the world

Dear Blogosphere, I’d like to have a conversation. It’s going to be a one-sided conversation, seeing how no one really reads my blog, but I want to have it anyway. 1,001 more words

Climate Change

Ugh, Men

FB Post

“just another venting; no accusations.

the problem with men is that they don’t focus on the issue; i say that i feel uncomfortable and don’t like that he is hangs out with a female ‘work friend’ more than he does me, and he says “i’m not gonna stop hanging out with her” i never asked him to stop, i just brought it to his attention that it was more than with me. 1,107 more words


I Belong To Me

From my late teenage years to my early twenties I was obsessed with Cosmopolitan magazine. I never missed an issue and I saved all of them inside an old travellers trunk in my closet. 1,337 more words


God and gaming - what's it all about?

The history of video games is intriguing. Witness the evolution of video games over the last few decades, from simple pixelated puzzles like pong and platformers like Super Mario World, to sprawling open world, mo-capped masterpieces like Grand Theft Auto and dramatically breathtaking interactive scripts like The Last of Us. 546 more words


Cultural Lobotomy

It often seems like general American society is lobotomized. Emotional outbursts of really any sort are largely looked down upon and discouraged. Ethnic groups known for their strong emotions are stereotyped and ridiculed. 755 more words