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Why I Don't Give a Shit What You Were Raised to Believe

During my travels on the Internet, I come across a lot of people who like to argue their positions on social issues. I’m interested in social issues, and I’m always open to reevaluating my views, so I read these posts carefully. 639 more words


“When you reach a certain level of success, what really strikes you about money is its limitations. And the really big thing it can’t buy – after love and personal integrity – is time.”

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How Many Of Our Followers Are Genuine?

I have a strong suspicion that some bloggers are only following others, so the person whom they are following can follow them back (And when this is done, they unfollow them). 197 more words


People who say they know what's going on in the Gaza Strip and the Ukraine have no idea what's going on in the Gaza Strip and the Ukraine

In case you’ve been traveling abroad the past month, hopefully in a country that isn’t currently engaged in conflict, then you might want to know that a lot of stuff has been happening lately. 693 more words

Social Commentary


This memory isn’t mine. It’s from a wonderful person who lost love in a tragedy. I was fortunate enough to share moments with her where we explored each other’s drama, trauma, and loss. 1,528 more words

December 19, 2013 - The Life-Changer

I dropped Mary at the airport for her flight to Denver, Colorado.  She went to spend the Christmas Holidays with her family there; most of all, her daughter, Heather – who was battling Stage 4 cancer.   826 more words