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Just Pondering Part 814

Believe it or not, there are some young people with some very bad memories (It is not an issue that is exclusive to the elderly). 310 more words


Monday Quote: Shirley Manson

If you have any opinions at all or if you’re even remotely verbal then they’re going to call you fiery.
Shirley Manson

I very much think this one is self explanatory.

304 more words

Book Review for Halloween: A Fine and Private Place

A Fine and Private Place. Peter S. Beagle. Ballantine Books. New York. (original copyright) 1960. 256 pp.

OK, so this book isn’t brand new. In fact it’s 50+ years old. 396 more words


Not Invisible

Can you count the number of times you have walked past a person doing this job or a job like it?

Of those times that you recall, how often have you done your best not to let them notice you noticing them? 143 more words