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H2C Moments, Part 9: Tourist Attractions

In Part 9 of this years Hood to Coast Relay Series (H2C Moments), Van 2 members of Team 216 (Crazy Sexy Cool) don their detective hats once again to discover… a museum! 8 more words

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Part 8 of H2C Moments, Gridlock: Stuck in the (in)famous stop-and-go traffic of Hood to Coast… A few of us hop out, pretty sure we can beat the van there, on foot. 22 more words

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H2C Moments: Quickie

H2C Moments continue! In this episode (Part 7), Lena completes her second leg. No sweat! (Okay, maybe a glimmer. But it’s sexy.) And Mare Mare declares quickies are sometimes a good thing. No arguments here.


Hospital Won't Do Kids

Providence Hospital Doesn’t Operate on Kids: Charges $9,476.21 to Wait for Hours (Twice), Only to Get Shuttled by Ambulance to Another Hospital.


Growing up, Mom and I lived together, but were never close. 890 more words

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True Detectives

H2C Moments, Part 2: Team 216 (Crazy Sexy Cool) hits the first major van exchange. You’ll see, we’re great at figuring out clues, cowbell, and playing Spot the Hottie.

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How to Be Invisible

Couldn’t stay inside forever. The premier post-op outing was a brief jaunt to the nearest ATM. My only human encounter was with the unfortunate young lady waiting behind me to use the machine. 538 more words

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Freak in the Mirror

This week’s adventure was a trip within. My own skin! Who is that freak in the mirror?

Bone Graft Surgery was Tuesday. Scheduled for 3pm, was able to eat and drink until 6am that morning. 637 more words

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