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BBC - Apple 'Failing to Protect Chinese Factory Workers'

As the Christmas season descends upon us and as we rush to purchase the newest offerings from Apple (I have a MacBook Air and an iPhone, iPad and iPod) we should consider who actually makes these products and at what cost. 362 more words

Social Justice

Dear Colorado White People – There is a difference between racial prejudice and racism, and confusing the 2 perpetuates White Supremacy

Most White people in Colorado are absolutely wrong about what they think racism is. I talk to White people all of the time and they seem to believe that any type of bias based on race equals racism. 349 more words


Dear Colorado White People – Your University Is Teaching You To Be A White Supremacist if they reduce Martin Luther King to simply being a peaceful integrationist.

During Black history month, White and non-white negropeans will require that their class re-cite Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream Speech.” I’ve experienced it first hand. 510 more words


‘The New Status Quo: Just Don’t Call Me Mister’

I always answer the question, “Who are you?” with “Hello, I’m John P. Turner, a Social Entrepreneur who is creating business solutions to address social problems.” As a young Black man I’m offended when people call me “Mister,” which is often hyphenated as “Mr.” in print, rather than addressing me by how I label myself. 1,598 more words

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The Friday Dose #48

Today we’ll get your mind off troubling things by first diverting you towards the incredible cuteness of baby animals. When they’re young is when they seem the most like us, or rather when we seem more like them. 356 more words

Scott McPherson

The Revolution will be Digitalized: Part 2

In the wake of the non-indictment decision of the Mike Brown Case, our nation saw an out pour of concerned youth who were angry. Yesterday, November 24th 2014, It was announced in Ferguson, Missouri that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted and walk away free. 128 more words

Social Consciousness

Song of the Day // Redemption Song

Today’s song of the day is an oldie but a goodie. To pass the time last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to watch this week’s episode of… 166 more words