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Here's What I Know

I am here, I exist.

As far as I can remember I have always been.

I may not be able to remember anything before my birth, but I cannot remember my childhood either or my birth for that matter. 124 more words


When 1/2% is bigger than 10%

National Public Radio this morning discussed a recent study  by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that shows that 75% of new home buyers only fill out one loan application when buying a home.  226 more words


Examining Our Connection Further With Kabbalah

From Here To Where

Reincarnation is the spiritual law that each of us will reach the highest spiritual state(our personal Gmar Tikkun) from this world. Kabbalah solely teaches us how one comes to this state in the fastest possible timeline. 446 more words


Progression of Kabbalah Through the Ages

Our Source And Father

The Hebrew language has its origins in the spiritual. Every letter and its formation, style or image comes from great attainment. It’s said that the Hebrew language pre-dates Babylon, well this might be a mystery lost to time, but for a Kabbalist nothing is forbidden. 909 more words


Kabbalah, The Lineage Of A Unique Soul

Our Lineage Is A Work In Progress

In each generation there is always at least one Kabbalist from the pure chain of an unbroken Kabbalist’s dating back to Adom HaRishon. 1,656 more words


Insights To Civilization's Achievement Of Global Peace & Prosperity

We Are Driven To Be Motivated, By What?

Our history has been one of a constant progression of desires. Along with the need to have the feeling of independence. 1,029 more words