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Naked Children are Normal

Most of my photos from early childhood, I’m naked.  My favorite game was always dress up but dressing down was never a problem either.  And my parents never cared.   606 more words

Musings On Life

Rap Music (A Small Offering)

A Three Part Reflection on Rap Music

I hope you listen to the songs at the appropriate points, it will be hard to appreciate what I’m saying without actually hearing the music. 2,003 more words


SPOTLIGHT: Olek "Swimming with Sharks"

Wanted to shine a light on Olek and her most recent project Swimming with Sharks.

The following is re-posted courtesy Olek.

To me, it was the most moving experience in my life to have had the opportunity to swim next to a 35-foot long whale shark. 613 more words

Integration into Disintegration via the "Camera Obscura.”

As a crude, but hopefully useful, illustration shows, there are two simple ways to deal with how our consciousness, as a phenomenological interpreter, is situated in relationship with temporality. 1,978 more words



Our beautiful boutique includes a full service hair salon.  Since the premise of our shop is all about kindness for humanity and the environment the Surface product line fits right in! 86 more words

My Inner Child

Purified innocence and untainted thought
Was my childlike self before I was taught
Before I was conditioned to distrust my intuition
Incessant questions were reserved for my elders… 411 more words