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Got Milk - Brave Fireman

The greatest ads ever made are the ones that tell a story and leave you thinking. This is one of those.


A Challenging Perspective on Mike Brown and Ferguson, MO

As I’ve watched the Ferguson, MO protests on the major news networks on TV over the past week or so, I’m left with a plethora of questions that are burning in my psyche. 1,097 more words

Social Consciousness

12 Weeks of Language Arts. and Social Studies. and Public Speaking. and...

long story short, i just acquired my first teaching position past normal substituting in Kalamazoo Public Schools.  it’s a twelve week gig teaching Language Arts to middle schoolers (from the beginning of the year until holiday break.).   163 more words

Social Sciences.

Are your stories holding back a wave of change?

There are watchers in this world and there are doers. And the watchers sit around watching the doers, do.
Barefoot in the Park

My son recently took part in the 40 hour famine, a weekend fast to raise money for families in third world countries. 503 more words

Random Thoughts

Writing About Backpacking

“The fat Russian lumbered through the door with a scowl.”

Is this reinvention of the events biased, or only descriptive?

One of my goals for travel, from which I’ve been challenged, is writing so as to propagate the idea of an inclusive global community. 875 more words

Southeast Asia

Foci - Student Project Update

After some much needed reassurance from David, I am going to run with my original idea for this project – to create a collaborative photo page using Flickr to test the social consciousness of people participating in various forms of social media extends beyond clicking ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. 1,248 more words

Week 2

Unsung Heroes - 20 Ft. from Stardom

I was ecstatic as I watched the cast from “20 Feet from Stardom” walk across the stage to accept the Oscar for “Best Documentary Film.” Granted, I hadn’t seen the movie yet, but I was really moved by Darlene Love’s acapella performance at the end of the acceptance speech. 1,089 more words

Social Consciousness