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Facebook's Newsfeed, Recognition and Friendship

On Facebook’s newsfeed people often post everything from pictures of themselves and their food, to news articles and videos, to facts about their daily lives and seemingly profound quotes. 847 more words

the jesuit: chicanery; deception; perversion

Came across an interesting observation this morning in one of my favorite books — an old thesaurus — quickly followed by another, connected, interesting observation in yet another of my favorite books, an equally old dictionary on historical principles. 243 more words

Social Criticism

Breaking Bad: Season 2:1-4: It's the reverse of what's claimed

A glamorized photo image of a drawing of our two heroes — becoming a father-and-son pair in the second season

Dear friends and readers,

I’ve now begun the second season of… 1,562 more words

20th Century Culture

Be not conformed

William F. Buckley, Jr. writes of Evelyn Waugh:

“He knew people, he knew his century, and, having come to know it, he had faith only in the will of God, and in individual man’s latent capacity to strive towards it.

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Yet another ordinary day in the Lunatics' Republic of Sweden

Young Mr Erik Drottman, a prominent member of Ung vänster‘s  (the youth branch of the Swedish Communist party Vänsterpartiet) regional branch in Blekinge, is a keen supporter of the Swedish extraparliamentarian Communist terrorist group… 146 more words


'Dark Age'

At some point in February a thought came to me: it’s impossible to talk with people when every period is perceived as an exclamation mark. 106 more words