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Excluding Broad-based Development with the Goal of "Extreme Poverty"

See the excellent note by Lant Pritchett of the Center for Global Development in which he points out the highly limiting effect of taking “extreme poverty” as the goal of economic development financing.   46 more words

Social Development

BASICS Photo Journal Series, Part 2 - The BASICS’ Data Management Smart Practice

BASICS (Better Approaches for Service Provision through Increased Capacities in Sulawesi), is a project supported by the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) and the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Home Affairs. 476 more words

Social Development

Impact Investing: The Invisible Heart of Markets

The world is on the brink of a revolution in how we solve society’s toughest problems. The force driving this revolution is “impact investing”, which harnesses entrepreneurship, innovation and capital to power social progress. 130 more words

Poverty And Inequality

Education Quality Failure in Latin America

One of the most significant unachieved development goals in Latin America has been to significantly and consistently increase the quality of education.  Also, as long as international assistance institutions have been in the business of promoting  economic development, the reform and expansion of quality education in Latin American and the Caribbean countries through loans, grants and technical assistance has been a key concern, seen as overcoming an essential social development constraint.  412 more words

Social Development

The brain that holds the problem, most often holds the solution.

We’re incredibly excited about our very first community event called: GENERATE IDEAS FOR YOUR FUTURE!

The purpose of this event is to introduce grade 6-9 learners to the concept of thinking about their future and the various options available to them. 636 more words

I Learn To Live - Ngifundela Ukuphila

'The Horrible News' or 'How to Save a Planet'

A friend asks, “What do we do with all the horrible news?”  I’m going to consider this a question about the news we hear around the world on the television, the news we read about in newspapers and on the Internet – news about wars, governments, disasters, pain, suffering, suicides, etc., and etc, and etc. 1,020 more words

Consciousness Shift

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“Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational and education training (VET), for marginalised and vulnerable persons, and people dependent on the informal economy” (AAP 2013) 1,000 more words

Social Development