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The Whole Child Series - Week 1

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

While only held accountable to the acquisition of knowledge and skills deemed important through our national/state standards, the neglect of other forms of development such as social, moral, and emotional dooms us to generations of graduates lacking the self-awareness and ethical fortitude necessary to apply their intellect to noble causes.   645 more words

Child Development

The Kindness Paradigm (43)

We are not planning terrorist attacks, shootings, murders or robberies when we are happy with the direction our lives are taking. So find your thing and pursue it. 28 more words

Kindness Paradigm

The Fine Lines of Plagiarism

The Fine Lines of Plagiarism


In my opinion, there is a very fine line between plagiarism and putting your own spin on something. What amazes me in today’s society is that our world and human development is based off of previous events. 1,653 more words

Human Development

Are Only Children worse off than children with siblings?

Do only children have social deficits?

Researchers from Ohio State University conducted a study involving 13,000 students ages 7-12th grade. Each student was asked to circle the names of 10 friends, 5 males and 5 females. 382 more words


2 year Old Milestones

I know by all means I am not the perfect mother. I try to be good to him and try to teach my little guy as best to my ability but looking at the specifics of milestones is worrisome. 212 more words


Development Perplexes Egyptian Slums

By Nada Ismail

Although there is constant dialogue about the importance of development projects in Egypt that enlightens and encourages the educated citizens to help the underprivileged, we fail to look at the other side of the coin. 865 more words

Civil Society

Labour's legacy of youth - The welfare state

My mind casts back to the summer of 2011; tabloid print paper News of the World publishes its final edition after 168 years in the wake of a phone hacking scandal, Norway is blindsided by twin terror attacks in the same day, and in the metropolis of London and it’s surrounding boroughs, a wave of riots tears the capital apart. 565 more words