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You Just Have to Look Where You Think Is Right

Today, I met doctors who did something that was very undoctor-like.

They sucked the air out of the atmosphere, and I could not breathe.

Their daughter looked at me, also struggling for air, but not as much. 241 more words


Mealtime Mayhem - AKA what meal are you eating?

As I mentioned, mealtimes in the UK can be complicated; so much so, I’ve had to make flowcharts to try to figure out which one it is I am eating. 646 more words

Social Differences

Say it in (Plain) English - the use of language in the US vs. UK

Co-lingually – and you’ll have to excuse me for stating something that is blatantly obvious – the words a person grew up using, even when they “speak the same language,” can be remarkably different. 2,269 more words

Social Differences