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Social Dynamics

What if you could walk into a room of crowded people you don’t know and within an hour have the room captivated with everything that you are doing. 396 more words

Negro League Baseball: Lefty Gomez vs. The Berkeley Pelicans

How good were they? : The Berkeley Colored League

by Ronald Auther

It’s a question that is frequently asked, but not that often, by those who are curious about Negro Baseball on the West Coast. 2,428 more words

Negro League Baseball: Hilary "Bullet" Meaddows And The Alexander Giants

The thing about West Coast Negro League baseball is that the question that is most often asked is, “Were the players of the North California teams as good as those of the… 1,074 more words

Negro League Baseball: San Pablo Park And The Berkeley Colored League

San Pablo Park

This is the story of San Pablo Park.

When we think of the Negro Leagues, we rarely consider how difficult it was to secure a park for league play. 1,425 more words

One if by Land, Two if by Sea - Part 4: It Gets Good

Day 6 – Dec. 27th

I wake up in East Van and walk twenty blocks to Strangefellows Brewery where I spend two hours talking to the staff and a local “beer-blogger” who looked more like a cigarette-butt bogart than a digital boss on fermented barley brewing. 555 more words

Blanking In Ballet Class: 5 Ways You Deal

Don’t lie. You’ve done it before. You’re in ballet class and you’re totally paying attention to the combination being given, and then somehow, it’s a minute later, the teacher is asking “any questions?,” and your only recollection of what just happened is “I think it probably had some tendus in it.” 329 more words


One if by Land, Two if by Sea - Part 2 - Hippie Bullshit from a Broken Woman

Day 2 – Dec. 23rd

Festivities continue. I act the part of the friendly stranger at all clothing stores and purveyors of fine beverages I visit and receive positive responses from the female shopkeepers. 199 more words