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bikini shots get the most likes

Ever since my ‘interview with a teenager’, I have been haunted by these words … “bikini shots get the most likes”.

And I know that there have always been informal ranking systems based on looks and popularity. 1,146 more words

Justine & Vents.

This post is dedicated to the most intellegent people I’ve come to know, Ydalie Turk, Lowlow Ndlovu, Lisa Shields, Lwando Makasi, Ntsiki Mavuso, Tyra Naidoo, Sarah Hoffman, Gabriell Riley, Hannan Guo and Jenny Zaharieva. 992 more words

She loves sex too

Women and sex
Women and intercourse
Oooooooh, society probably told you that it is not okay for woman and sex to be in the same sentence… 620 more words

Monday Musings: The Red Pill

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks focused on self-improvement. No Xbox, extreme discipline and macronutrient adherence in my diet, daily alarm set for 0515, with morning weightlifting sessions at 0600 sharp. 1,435 more words


maybe it's time to give a bit more credit to the teenagers

(This post is a follow up to my previous post which documented my ‘interview with a teenager’.)

Previously, in ‘Interview with a teenager’, I wrote …. 1,173 more words

layers of meaning: an interview with a teenager about his reading

I interviewed ‘Nick’, a boy who attends an all boys’ private school. Although Nick describes himself as “too busy to do much reading these days”, our interview revealed that he is a prolific reader of cultural texts. 1,319 more words

An opinion

Dear Reader

My name is Justine. I am a first year student studying a Bachelor of Arts course in Social Dynamics. Due to the fact that I’m a first year, I am not completely sure what I am studying, what I am going to feel about it along the way and where I am going to end up, but one thing I do know about it, is that the phrase “Social Dynamics” is seemingly fitting to what runs through my head day by day. 1,404 more words