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Sexual Intimidation On US Streets, Seneca Lake Protesters, And Dual Government

Water is hijacked away from community use, in the pursuit of corporate profit. This is vehemently unacceptable. It is the community that has the right to tell corporations what will happen, not the other way around. 916 more words

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Red Cross Disaster, Broken Treaties And Seneca Lake Terror

This is not a condemnation of Red Cross, to whom I would never entrust a dime. This is a wake-up call about the system within which we live. 418 more words

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Orcas, Oil Slicks And Executives, And Howie Hawkins For NYS Governor

Orcas have sophisticated relationships within their communities. This is similar to humanity, and in fact, many animals and indeed insects.


Orcas in community, are probably quite similar to anyone in community. 480 more words

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Progress Must Be Defined, Or Organized Crime May Result

You can’t stop progress, but you can define progress.


Lanston Hughes’ words on America reveal dismal progress for humanity. Langston was born in 1902, how much has changed? 630 more words

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Euphemistic Language Is Brainwashing Americans From Common Core To Globalization

America has accepted on faith, bureaucrats who may or may not put the best interests of the American population foremost; and most distinctly seem to have ignored human rights. 980 more words

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On Fatness & Stigma

The inimitable Kate Harding over at Shapely Prose (a leading blog in the Fatosphere, and one which I have finally added to our blogroll) has some excellent commentary on the results of a study on discrimination against obese people. 376 more words