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Trendy Isn't It? Redefining What's Yours, Mine and Ours!

Manipulative Transformation of the Definition of Sharing and Ownership to Resource and its Management
Redefining what’s yours, mine and ours. These people despise groups who may challenge them. 84 more words

Fear And Control Paradigm

Learning To Read Their Hand By Using Discernment To See The Pattern - The Pixar Theory

If you’re proud of your ability to read between the lines, then see if you are up to this test!
It’s sad they relate everything to each other in terms of conflict. 218 more words

Fear And Control Paradigm

JPMorgan Chase Data Breach Revelations - Expert Comments

Information Security Buzz

“It’s not always losing a username and password that’s directly the problem, although that is very serious. Loss of data such as names, e-mail addresses, home addresses and phone numbers are all part of the jigsaw that make up a person’s digital presence, an online identity that can form a good basis for further targeted attacks. 43 more words


What’s The Magic Number

written by Chad F Walter

24%+++, thats the magic number. 

The hits just keep on getting bigger.

According to JP Morgan Chase & Co.’s report filed with the U.S. 624 more words