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Klamp & Associates, PC is a law firm based in Washington, DC that is dedicated to representing nonprofits, international development groups, and social enterprises. Our mission is to provide quality legal services to organizations of all sizes that are working to serve the public interest. 144 more words


"Tatoos on the Heart" - A Modern Day Bible of Social Change

Father Greg Boyle (G Dog) tells a wonderfully illuminating and inspiring story about his work with thousands of Los Angeles gang members at Homeboy Industries.  This book is a true Bible to anyone working on difficult social change initiatives.  687 more words


Gospel, Community, Mission

The Christian organisation 3D Movements recently changed its name from 3D Ministries I think to make its vision appear even bigger: the transformation of people’s perception and practice of discipleship and mission. 2,398 more words


Kultwit Social Enterprise @rudysyncore

Bagi yang kelewat kultwit tentang Social Enterprise bisa disimak disini :

  • 1. Perkembangan Social Enterprise di Indonesia masih kurang di ekspos #SocEnt

    2. Orang saat ini baru tahu Masril Koto dengan Bank Petani, atau Gamal Albizaid dengan Asuransi Sampah…

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Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises - Menyelesaikan Masalah-Masalah Sosial Lewat Pendekatan Bisnis

Dunia berkembang kedalam dua titik ekstrim. Pada satu titik perkembangan teknologi dan bisnis telah mendorong banyak orang untuk jadi pengusaha sukses, orang-orang profesional berpendidikan tinggi menikmati gaji tinggi dari perkembangan ekonomi tersebut namun di titik lain semakin banyak orang yang kemudian tersisih dan tidak bisa berkompetisi. 309 more words

Social Enterprises

Coop or not coop... This is'nt the question. Why it's!

A few days ago Evgeny Morozov wrote a nice article about the relationship between the political left and the new watchwords of capitalism: innovation, start-ups, co-working , makers, creative class… and many other  are treated by the left as solutions to the economic crisis. 515 more words

Asean Connect - How to solve social problems using bussines approach ! A People to People project

Asean Connect is a people to people project initiated by Singapore Polytechnic in collaboration with UMY. The project aim is to teach student how to solve social problem using business approach. 683 more words

Social Enterprises