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Mission accomplished: photos from our summer market

The latest outing of The Bit Beyond on 30th August was a roaring success, with hundreds of visitors passing through to buy baked goods, clothing and products, while discovering the unique stories behind vendors such as  16 more words

Fundación Exit ha ayudado a más de 2.400 jóvenes a incorporarse al mercado laboral

La organización celebra su 15 aniversario luchando contra el desempleo

Casi 6 millones de jóvenes europeos están actualmente en situación de desempleo según las últimas cifras de… 766 more words

Social Enterprises

‘Fundación Exit’ Has Helped More Than 2,400 Young People Enter The Labor Market

The spanish organization celebrates 15th anniversary fighting unemployment

Nearly 6 million young Europeans are currently unemployed according to the latest Eurostat figures. Tackling youth unemployment is a top priority for policy-makers across the continent and a major concern for the average household. 587 more words

Social Enterprises

5 Useful Apps for People with Disabilities

Technology can make life easier for people that have to overcome physical and mental barriers on their daily routines. The quality of these new inventions is measured by its usefulness and contributions to social integration. 476 more words


E-glas: Positieve impact in de samenleving en winst voor investeerders

Kristijan is 19 en hij woont in Zagreb, Kroatië. Hij was een gezonde jonge tot zijn 18e verjaardag, toen werd hij gediagnosticeerd met Amyotrofische laterale sclerose (ALS). 250 more words

Social Enterprises

E-glas: Cómo una start-up puede crear un impacto social positivo y generar beneficios

La compañía croata es responsable de Serwantess, una aplicación que asiste a personas con severas dificultades de movilidad

Kristijan tiene 19 años y vive en Zagreb, Croacia. 271 more words

Social Enterprises

E-glas: How a Start-up Can Make a Positive Impact While Being Profitable

The Croatian-based company is responsible for the revolutionary Serwantess, a top-quality voice-controlled device that assists people with severe physical disabilities

Kristijan is 19 years old and he lives in Zagreb, Croatia. 253 more words

Social Enterprises