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Humility, Not Technology

From the Good Intentions file comes another story about well-meaning entrepreneurs in the developed world trying to “do something good” for people in the Global South. 836 more words


Rubbish! Let Them Receive Healthcare

Providing healthcare to the poorest of the poor has been a tricky endeavor for even the best of social enterprises, as these individuals have no traditional means to pay for services. 678 more words

SocEnt Spotlight

4-22-14 In the News: on Be a Social Entrepreneur

My article “Creating Treasures Out of Trash” ended the week on the Be a Social Entrepreneur Web site. Check out the home page, if you haven’t seen it yet. 117 more words


Interesting Links This Week: 20-April-2014

I just completed a workshop for 21 women entrepreneurs. I learned a lot from every one of them. During the interactions we kept coming back to how they can generate word of mouth, connect to more people, and stay on the minds of those who they have met. 282 more words

Interesting Links This Week

What is the difference between Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteerism?

Lately I have problems to comprehend when some people I met introduce themselves as ‘social entrepreneurs’.

The first thing comes to my mind is PARIS HILTON. 509 more words

The Mystery

Three Takeaways in my First Steps as a Social Entrepreneur

This article was originally posted on Dowser. It is written by Armand Tossou, a Fulbright scholar from Benin who is an MBA Candidate in the  805 more words

Sustainable Enterprise

The life of an Entrepreneur, it’s a Gamble

By Kenny Figueroa

I remember the first class I took with Dr. Eric Gamble, and what made him stand apart from previous professors I’d had. Two minutes into our class introduction, he recited the hook of Wu-Tang Clan’s early hit C.R.E.A.M. 825 more words