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DNR Begins Social Benefits… More Generous Than Uniate Pro-Oligarch Benefits Under the Junta


People in the DNR in need of social assistance began to receive social benefits under the Law “On Urgent Measures for Social Protection of Citizens Residing in the DNR in Terms of the Aggression of the Armed Forces and Armed Bodies of the Ukraine” and the “Law on the Introduction of Amendments to the Law of the DNR on 20 June 2014 № 15-5 Supreme Soviet”.  447 more words


Fight Like a Girl

So, this week’s news in feminism is that Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame gave an impassioned speech advocating for gender equality. The response of some internet troll: … 549 more words


Heartlander of the Week: The Gaul of It

To Scotland, for considering independence, but sticking with the Union. Eh, sometimes you have to consider your options. Federalism has its advantages, now the populace can play London and Edinburgh off each other for the rest of eternity. 21 more words


The Fragments of Yesterday

The other day, I was fishing through the drawer in my kitchen that contains my recipe binder, looking for a recipe I thought I had in hard copy. 1,874 more words


Is it really progress?

After reading such a thorough history of sustainability from Caradonna last week, I decided to delve into academic journals on the subject for this week’s blog post.  858 more words


Lady Power?

So, there’s this Greek play, called Lysistrata. It’s an easy read and relatively short (especially as Ancient Greek literature goes), however, it doesn’t make it into the High School curriculum much, and if you’ve read it, you know why. 1,215 more words