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Workplace Wednesday: Why Not?

So, I let go of Workplace Wednesday a while ago, but as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, comes to a close, perhaps we should (re) visit employment and other programs for individuals with disabilities. 216 more words


Innovate by Design Housing – Community Development Corporation of Brownsville

Brownsville, TX is the poorest city in America, with 36 percent of its residents living in poverty. It has among the country’s highest rates of diabetes and obesity, conditions that are estimated to affect up to half the local population. 184 more words

On Chivalry (or as I like to call it, Sexist Microaggressions)

For the most part, I do not encounter active, conscious sexism on a regular basis. Most people will acquiesce that social equality is a pretty good idea. 980 more words

Social Justice

The Passing Of An Era

It is with sadness I heard this morning about the death of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam at the age of 98. He was a big man in both stature and actions. 290 more words


The Realm of Definitions

If I had to create my own definition of sustainability, I would mesh several definitions floating around the academic world together.  I feel that in trying to make a very concise definition, many authors leave out key specifications that lead to ambiguity. 276 more words


Heartlander of the Week: Hard Lessons

To Thomas Eric Duncan and his family.

Well, Ebola out of Africa. Ebola in North America. Is this just the Beginning, or it is an End, too? 222 more words


Intro to Sustainable Development

With over 57 definitions, 19 principles, 12 criteria, 4 frameworks, and 28 sets of indicators, sustainable development (SD) has a varying degree of meanings. This weeks readings were from the Final Report of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and from Rogers, Jalal, and Boyd’s An Introduction to Sustainable Development. 355 more words