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I want to start officially my blog proposing this excellent example of how a travel could be significant, both as an individual and social experience, to human beings.

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Interpreting Hip hop culture


Having grown  up around hip hop music i have learnt to interpret hip hop culture with an open mindset.Even though some of the themes may come across as homophobic or sexist you may have to look at it from the artist’s point of view,putting yourself in their shoes .Rappers are theoretically painting their story and how they paint that story depends on their environmental culture.Factors such as slang,dress code ,views towards different social situations influence how their music sonically sounds but  also how it comes across in mainstream culture  .However stigma towards certain topics that usually carry dilemma  result in people interpreting rap music and hip hop culture  in a negative way.This is usually by people who either don’t understand that culture or are not from that specific culture .

Hip Hop Culture

A Conflict of Interests: What To Do When People Don't Listen

I recently came across a post on a language learning forum about when people learning each other’s languages meet. Specifically, when both want to speak each other’s language, and one (or both) refuses to comply with the other. 384 more words

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The National Defense Authorization Act, an annual exercise in allotting money for America’s military, has in the past been used to open the door to “detain as a threat to national security anyone viewed as a troublemaker,” 374 more words