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I Hate Social Gatherings

I hate social gatherings. I loathe them, in fact. Even when it’s constructed of my very favorite people- I hate it.

The moment you put me in a room of more than five people, I no longer feel like the sixth. 162 more words


Time management & becoming a hermit

“Do this!”

“Do that!”

“Do more of this and avoid that!”

Ever heard this before? Whether it comes from people you surround yourself with or whether it’s an old record that you’re constantly playing in your head, have you ever felt like you ought to do this one thing, but your heart tells you something different? 443 more words

Life In Happy Motion

Making Friends in Bacalar - It's Not What We Expected

The foreign population in Bacalar is relatively small and varied. US-ers and Canadians make up the majority, but there are also a group of Mexicans from Mexico City who maintain a residency here. 205 more words