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Hydrostatic Assessment

(i.e. the “dreaded pressure test”)

Public works squeezed expose leaks and lack

of strength.  And what counts is overturned

morphing into what cannot be helped. 83 more words


How do I stop my mates being dicks to our gay friend?

A good mate recently came out of the closet at a party, causing a bit of a stir as he didn’t seem a “likely type”. … 491 more words

Social Interactions

Is it OK to ask a girl to split a bill on a date?

Does pitching a split bill on the second date make me a tight-arse? 

- Cheaparse McTight, Australia

Yes. And a douche. Next question?

Seriously, you can ask her to split the bill with you on the second date if you like but you’ll never get the chance to ask her to split the cost of the condoms. 383 more words


Is it OK to joke around with my gay work mate?

I like to express my affection for my workmates by ribbing them. A gay colleague of mine seemed hurt the other day when I was passing around insults and did not have a dig at him. 386 more words

Social Interactions

Tartuffe, or, The Importance of Being Earnest.

As a persistent over-share-er, I often lose the battle of propriety; social graces make me laugh, often inappropriately. Recognizing this, it is with surprise that I have found a topic… 1,730 more words

How do I stop my loser work mates calling me gay?

I ordered a chai latte during the office coffee run this week — I wanted to mix things up, but my colleagues have taken it as an opportunity to constantly question my heterosexuality. 310 more words

Social Interactions

How do I evict my awful housemate?

Me and a mate live with a terrifying female housemate who I’m keen to evict — think drugs, unemployment and family drama — but she’s not bad looking and my mate has occasional booty call privileges. 262 more words

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