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Annoying men habits.

You know those small things that drive you crazy when you live with other people. Well am going nuts. Little habits that might drive me to the asylum: 98 more words


Update on Minimizing the Stress of Social Media

Removing myself from an aspect of the social media world has proven to be a success. So far, I don’t miss it and I feel liberated! 37 more words
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Guys can be cat ladies too...

The world is going nuts and this oldish guy from Florida is leading the parade to crazy town. Am browsing the net and I come along this article “50 dead cats found in freezer in Florida home”. 126 more words


The Apple Watch and What it Means for Health: A Personalized Approach to Wearables

The much-anticipated Apple event this morning, or afternoon if you are on the East Coast like me, went off with a hitch. The hitch being an absolutely abhorrent live stream experience that was only available through your Safari browser. 947 more words

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This is why some women have low self esteem issues...

Jessica Rabbit made getting lung cancer sexy, while¬†making business for boob enhancements and giving men false hopes. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy Who framed Roger Rabbit.



You tube...Greatness!!!

I have totally found an African Jenna marbles, if Jenna Marbles was black, a guy and talked about politics. anyway last night was you tube night and i found this channel, Whats Up Africa, WAC, and it is hilarious. 70 more words


Following the Universal Moral Law

Recently, I began reading the book “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis. And the first chapter has intrigued me. Basically, the first chapter talks about being true to the universal Moral Law of Right and Wrong, or being more in tune with the Laws of Human Nature. 538 more words

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