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Quarantine and patient safety

The recent Ebola outbreak has been the worst in history. As CNN reports:

“More than 6,000 people have died as the virus spread from Guinea to other countries in West Africa.

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The Beer Store: A Political Satire (Not!)

Satire can be a wonderful leveling agent: pricking the pompous; deflating the pious. Yet, to be truly effective, it must be deft, clever and relevant. … 440 more words


January 6, 2015

Mental Health:

Over winter break, my Dad made me the happiest girl by inviting me to go to San Diego with him and the high school team he coaches for. 2,152 more words

Emotional Health

FASDay 2014 Media Report

The Birth of the Baby Bump Campaign

What happens when a client isn’t afraid to take risks and great creative isn’t watered down? When talented, passionate individuals leave their egos behind and come together for a cause? 1,280 more words



Thanks to a friend, here is a lovely anecdote on spiritual living

Potato Chips

A little boy wanted to meet God. He knew it was a long trip to where God lived, so he packed his suitcase with a bag of potato chips and a six-pack of root beer and started his journey. 363 more words


Ebola, Coffee and Facebook: Why Social Health will matter in 2015

What connects Ebola, SONY, Facebook, and coffee houses in 2015?

Civilisation and networks. How networks operate and behave define modern society. Networks on which we live, travel, connect, create, communicate and share are now embedded in every aspect of how we live, everywhere in the world. 1,206 more words

Knowledge Networking