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What 'bloggers for hire' claim to offer

I’ve been receiving quite a few approaches recently from ‘bloggers for hire’ assuming that Influencer50 operates a so-called ‘influencer marketing platform’ – in reality just a database of bloggers willing to promote products & services in their posts for an upfront fee. 208 more words

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Freebie CEO Ben Rosenfield at Apple

If you were one of the 100 or so lucky individuals that were able to hear Freebie CEO Ben Rosenfield present to a packed house last week at the Apple store on Michigan Ave, you might have a clearer understanding of why Freebie works the way it does and why brands are eager to jump on board! 236 more words

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Looking to Manage Visual Content on Social Media? Try out MavSocial

I love trying new things. I get excited to have hands on experience and opportunities to explore new ideas/concepts and the ability to incorporate them into my every day life. 887 more words


High Five - Positively Excited

Today’s quote comes from the CEO of Threadless: “I try not to make any decisions that I’m not excited about.” I found this to be so timely and true. 276 more words

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Reblog: Why I Don’t Care About Influencers, and Neither Should You

An all-too-rare sensible post I’ve just seen on Influencer Marketing. Not sure about the title tho’.

Hat-tip to Aaron Crowther and Business2Community.


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Get the best out of your team

There is a lot of research on how to develop more effective teams and research that shows what hinders a work group becoming a good team. 351 more words


The New Slave

For Malcolm.

Social influence is the most powerful and most dangerous determinant of human behavior. Mainly because before you begin to realize it, the effect has already taken place and can be herculean to reverse or counteract. 306 more words

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