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Blame it on the Bucket List, Part 1

Seven years ago a dear companion had a stroke. I was at work when it happened. My cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but decided to answer. 587 more words


High Five - Volunteer

Today’s quote from Arthur Ash embodies the spirit of volunteering: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” And it’s a positive quote because it states that you are perfect just as you are to do whatever comes next. 234 more words

Positive Thinking

The Art of Persuasion

Over the past few months I have been fascinated by the concept of Persuasion and Social Influence. How people make others behave a certain way or influence decision making. 732 more words

My Thoughts

For the skeptics: If this ‘new psychology of leadership’ is so great, why are we only hearing about it now?

Heard promises like ours before? Talk of ‘solving’ the great leadership questions. Assurances of clarity in the face of an incoherent field.

Sure, you say. We’ve heard this before. 1,252 more words

Social Identity

Casting a Spell: The Political and Religious Cook Book of Persuasion

A cerebral automatism, related to the learning process, gives people the propensity to line up to majority opinion even when it contradicts evidence.  Here’s an example: 1,546 more words

Mind Matters

High Five - Positive vs. Negative

“You cannot have a positive life and negative mind.” So, according to an article in More magazine that I read recently which lead me to the book written by neuropsychologist… 144 more words

Positive Thinking

The Gullible disease: How it spreads and why we should keep calm

In the age of social media, false information can spread like wildfire and can have serious consequences. Consider this experience. I was working inside a café when the ground started to quake. 866 more words