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So you think Facebook were out of order with their experiment on emotions?

700,000 people were involved in Facebook research during 2012. They knew nothing about it.

There was a Furore a couple weeks ago when Facebook revealed the results of an experiment they had conducted on Facebook users in 2012.   894 more words


Learners in Context: M6 Reflection

Over the past few weeks we have had discussions about social and cultural influences on learning. Two discussions in particular stood out to me. The first was about how we as educators would be able to reconcile the requirements of standardized tests and student’s grades with Medina’s (2014) concern that focuses on these points that often override the joy of learning, curiosity, and discovery as goals in themselves.  687 more words

Learners In Context

There is a reasearcher/reporter in all of us

Almost every evening my husband and I watch CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. We particularly like him as a news anchor, but we also noticed that his particular news session always ends with a positive story. 821 more words


We make decisions every day: in our personal, business, and social lives.   Many of the decisions we make are based off our own attitudes and beliefs but we are also influenced by others. 873 more words


Social Influence

Social Influence

Jennifer Olivas

Psy 300

February 10,  2014

Psychologists study a person’s mind and behavior.  A social psychologist takes the study of a person’s mind and behavior and defines it in a social context.  991 more words

Why are you lying?

In thinking about politics, we would be naive to think that we are given full truths.  Within political debates, it is the one who “appears” to be the lesser of the liars who will come out on top.  833 more words


The Power of Social Influence

For a small business to overcome its arch rival and/or be successful in the competitive market, it is crucial to understand that the performance of its products is not solely driven by intrinsic attributes, such as employee expertise, product innovation, and low price; rather, as research has proven time and time again, the success of many products stems from… 342 more words

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