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beye perceptions, hello reality

I have endeavored to write off topic from my normal blogs because perception vs. reality is something we need to speak out about. When we go through life perceiving negative things about ones work ethics, parenting or religious beliefs, we are judging them! 729 more words

Social Injustice

I'm Drawing a Blank or, This Is What You Get Today

My life isn’t that rough. This is the mentally hardest thing I’ll do today. It’s just that life is deciding to be complicated. I’m typing these words without a clue what I’ll write. 254 more words


A bag of clothes

Imagine our country’s culture to be a suitcase full of clothes which are assigned to the citizens at some major junctions of their lives. Unfortunately, the system does not provide you good number of chances to change your cloth and hence if you are unlucky to get  torn, reeking and splotchy pair of clothes you’ll have to wear it for ever. 602 more words


It Isn't About Sex...It's About Love

It is very simple. My friend, Z, is human. Human Rights are for all humans. It shouldn’t ever matter if the humans are gay humans or straight humans. 418 more words

Marriage Equality

Some Thoughts...

Some thoughts…

I don’t know why Z is such a patriot in a country that treats her like a second class citizen. I admire her for it. 98 more words


beye Fear

Fear is something we’ve all felt once in our lives. Fear of the unknown, fearing for your life or that of a loved one and fear of not being socially accepted because of the color of your skin, weight, illness or religious belief. 294 more words

Social Injustice

Code Red: Crisis in South Africa

This is Code Red: Crisis in South Africa.

Mandela is dead and a nepotist has stepped into power. The political system has become a plutocracy; political influence is up for sale. 145 more words