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My Friend Aj Posted this Meme

This is a dose of sarcasm. It is also a valid point. If you’re gonna tell me that marriage is worth less because of what someone else does, don’t tell them they can’t get married. 48 more words

Straight Ally

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Finding a title or an unused subject is becoming a problem. I’ve used a bunch of variations on a theme. Finding a way to repeat the same thoughts is also becoming more difficult. 374 more words

Straight Ally

The People’s Climate March 2014: Join the Global Weekend for Action

Has your life been changed by a record-breaking climatic event? Have you lost your home or means to support yourself and family because of climate change? 333 more words

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Stop Ranking Social Injustices

Unfortunately, you see it all the time. It’s in the comment section of a published piece or between the 140 characters of a thought-provoking tweet. It’s in the third paragraph of a philanthropic essay or in the closing sentence of an advocate’s speech. 561 more words

Spread The Word! Media Attention For Gender Discrimination

I had a few extra minutes this morning so before I started writing, I spent some time reading comments about President Obama’s address to the nation concerning the Islamic State terrorist group. 464 more words


Kemarin (10/9/14), saya diminta untuk memoderatori peluncuran buku “Bule Hunter: Money, Sex and Love” karya Elisabeth Oktofani dengan nara sumber  Myra Diarsi, aktivis perempuan dan juga dihadiri oleh ebbrapa peserta yang juga melakukan pernikahan campur antar bangsa di Reading Room, Kemang Jakarta Selatan. 172 more words


Sociopathology and Social Scoliosis

They say that if I am not… then I am…

IF I AM NOT                                  THEN I AM

Intelligent•                            brainless/naïf/irrational/unreasonable/idiot
Strong•                                    weak/unsubstantial
Beautiful•                               unpleasant/ugly/repulsive… 116 more words