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Police arrest 50 anti-Israeli protesters in New York City

Police officers in New York City have arrested 50 people who were protesting against war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.

Read the full story at  49 more words

Social Injustice

Jon Snow reports the truth about Gaza


Finally, a news reporter brave and decent enough to tell the true story and paint the real picture of what’s actually happening in Gaza ! 15 more words

Social Injustice

20 killed in Israel raid on Gaza school

20 killed in Israel raid on Gaza school
http://c0z.me/WMIvpX via @presstv @codeofzero

Time to up the ante and put a stop to this absolute madness and genocide. 12 more words

Social Injustice

Juan Works in House Construction

Behind the glass of the Ole Ole Restaurant
a mannequin Mexican stands sentry
twitching moustache and sombrero.

His rainbow-woven poncho drapes
exotic commercial viability:
tamed, idealized, fetishized. 30 more words


I Don't Wanna

There are days when I just “don’t wanna”. This is one. I don’t wanna get up. Don’t wanna go to work. Don’t wanna deal with the “happy people”. 246 more words

Straight Ally

The underprivileged, the heirs of all the disinherited Os desvalidos, herdeiros dos deserdados

Those that are generated
in uteri misplaced,
of absent fathers,
which is not infrequent.

Aqueles gerados
em úteros extraviados,
dos pais ausentes,
o que não é tão infrequente. 319 more words

Fruits Of War

Two different types of blindness (an explanation, paragraph and poem)

Hey there, today I’ll be doing something a little different (but not too different).

These two pieces, a poem and a paragraph (it sounds like a comedy duo, doesn’t it? 565 more words