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Holistic Injustice

Rachel Carson testifies before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, 1963.

Silent Spring was a shocking book at the time of its writing. It is less so now in a world of relentless global media and information at our fingertips (and also because the impact of many of Carson’s assertions are more generally understood and accepted and apparent). 147 more words


Beye Stereotypes

Outraged is how I feel about social injustices such as, racial profiling, stereotypes and bullying; just to name a few of the hundreds of injustices that we face on a daily basis. 767 more words

Social Injustice

There is no racism in clinical psychology: Personal reflections from another Black trainee.

This article asks whether the majority ethnic group may have a tendency to dismiss experiences of racism. Considering my lived experience, I reflect on some processes which may become engaged when racism is evoked and propose some potential implications for clinical psychology. 1,450 more words


A protest was held  at the BMICH attending the World Conference on Youth 2014 in Colombo, regarding the 276 Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram. 12 more words


Deaf in Prison: Examining Social Exclusion Within Systems

Incarcerated populations are already in many ways invisible to us. Their needs are easy for society to ignore, and their voices are silenced.

But what happens when a person is marginalized within this already increasingly marginalized space?  572 more words


I know it's your birthday but don't YOUR people serve dinner usually?

Irony is never in short supply when discussing socio-economics. I found myself tonight in a strange position with my friends when asking for genuine help. There has been multiple issues lately regarding my finances that are by far less than savory (I use this adjective in place of something to convey a much graver message). 962 more words

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