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Fidel Castro's support for Palestine in 1973

I found the following information in a great book which I am currently reading, ‘The Real Fidel Castro’ by Leycester Coltman. Definitely well-recommended !

In September 1973, Fidel Castro attended the Fourth Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, in Algiers. 238 more words

Social Injustice

Michael Brown was Killed Because He Didn’t Prostrate Himself to Police Authority

Source: counterpunch.org

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s killing of the unarmed 18-year-old black teenager, Michael Brown, with a Grand Jury decision not to indict him for that outrageous slaying, is what is wrong with American law enforcement and American “justice” in general. 367 more words

Social Injustice

Cut back set to slice heart out of Manchester’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau and tongue out of a community.

By Tomas Davidson

Ever more regularly I hear phrases like “austerity”, “rationalisation” and “deficit” bandied about in social parlance, a backdrop for pub conversations, the soundtrack to staff room lunch hours, but rarely do I pay it much attention. 591 more words

General Welfare

Giving food to homeless in Florida is now a crime!

Seriously, you really could not make this shit up !!!

What the hell is happening to our society ?!

Read the full story at NaturalNews

Social Injustice

What Ferguson Means To Me...

I felt it necessary to wait awhile before posting my thoughts here on the blog regarding the grand jury decision announced in Ferguson this past Monday.  487 more words


Hands Up Don't Spend One Day Will Not Solve the Problem - America, Pick Your Battles Wisely

Please forgive me if I may sound a little indifferent or lack compassion in response to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri but I am having difficulty understanding what purpose will Hands Up Don’t Spend on Black Friday serve? 638 more words

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I am sitting inside my aunt’s house as thick snow continues to fall out the window, as it has been since I got out of bed this morning. 1,011 more words