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NYPD's Twitter Request for Photos Backfires

NEW YORK (AP) – A request by the New York City Police Department has backfired – in a very public way.

Its request that Twitter… 230 more words


BREAKING: Jezebel totally OK with Objectification

This just in, Jezebel is totally OK with objectification … so long as the person being objectified happens to be a man.

In a hypocrisy-laden piece, … 382 more words

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Barbara Kay: Send your kid to school by himself

I have no childhood recollection of being escorted by a parent to or from the public school that was a short walk from our Toronto home. 905 more words

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I want to talk about Easter! I realize the optimal time to have written this blog probably would have been a few days ago, but that didn’t happen over the crazy weekend with three kiddos and a sick hubby. 1,928 more words

Rape on Game of Thrones: What's with the popular dialogue?

As you may have heard, Game of Thrones this week has caused controversy over its depiction of an incestuous rape scene. The show has never shied away from the depiction of graphic physical and sexual violence, but this seems to have struck a nerve with many people as it interrupts the character’s redemption curve and is a departure from the depiction provided by the book on which it is based. 260 more words

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Earth Day

-What exactly is  Earth Day? said the owl.

-Excuse me? I said. Did you just say something?

-Yes, he replied. I have heard that you two-legged beings are calling this particular day Earth Day. 147 more words