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Tolerance and Religion

By Faisal Bari

I ASKED a guest visiting me during Ramazan whether he wanted to eat or drink something. I felt that as a host it was my duty to ask him. 925 more words


The Personal View: Rebooting Cities for Accessibility and Inclusion

Mike Prescott is a recent MA, Planning graduate (Waterloo) as well as not-so-recent  SFU MBA grad (’98).  His planning thesis introduced the idea of a networked model of the community (he calls it social topography) to better understand accessibility and inclusion. 450 more words

Urban Planning

Divide and Conquer, Then and Now

The photo of the crying cop was perhaps the most misunderstood, most overrated, and perhaps the most striking sight as far as the 2013 SONA is concerned. 549 more words

Social Issues

There goes the gaybourhood

The Seattle Times picks up on a popular meme: Is Seattle’s ‘gayborhood’ vanishing? 

“This isn’t unique to Seattle,” says University of British Columbia sociologist Amin Ghaziani.

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Social Issues

Enfield Council and the mis-education of the ghetto

Does a library in the ghetto have to be less of a library??..
Fed up with that ghetto mentality in Edmonton Green library. Daily visits there to do my research and update websites always lead me to ask clients to stop being loud on the phone or please leave when their toddler is screaming! 345 more words

I don’t intend to write about politics, but I found a passage that so perfectly describes my viewpoints that I had to save it.

States vote to take away my marriage rights, and even though I don’t want to get married, it tends to hurt my feelings.

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Long-Ranging Significance

As far I can see, all these wars and conflicts, national power plays, and governmental upheavals don’t really matter.  Civic issues aren’t really salient – illegal immigration, unemployment, economic slumps. 64 more words