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The Truth! Who Really Cares?

There’s a website dedicated to getting people to quit smoking in probably the stupidest ways.  You’ve probably seen various ads for it, it’s thetruth.com.  They have a page where you can upload pictures of people smoking and edit out the cigarettes from them, but what I’m concerned about are their ‘tobacco facts’ section. 278 more words

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About Ferguson....

I have refrained from commenting on this. Others have already done so, both good and bad. And all had some rather good points. Except those who expressed hate and negative things. 851 more words

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What Bothers Me...

There are several things that bother me. Odd as it may be, They all have to do with history and other people’s lack of interest in it. 2,535 more words

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Climate Change: Are we focused enough on it?

A quick look at the federal budget reveals a big disparity between funding allocation.  The amount of federal dollars (taxpayer’s money) being allocated to defense, not that I am against defending our nation, is a bit too high.   567 more words


Breaking Stereotypes: Burka Avengers

Stereotypes breaker Burka Avenger, produced by Unicorn Black is a multi-award winning 3D animated TV series and the first ever animated superhero series made in Pakistan. 644 more words

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African Leaders Have been Defamed By The West For Long

Through my research on quotes from African leaders in relation to my forthcoming post on my blog “achaabdan.wordpress.com“, I realized something bad. And I now have no sense of care to speak it out because those sites do not also care to defame our leaders who are also a representation of our black skins. 389 more words

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BE HEARD!! - Adolescent Reproductive Health Policy (Ghana)

Policy is defined as a high-level overall plan embracing the general goals and acceptable procedures especially of a governmental body – merriam-webster 

The Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Policy was produced in 2000 by the National Population Council (NPC) in collaboration with stakeholders, to provide a general direction to addressing the reproductive health needs of adolescents in Ghana. 113 more words