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Opening Night and They Fight and Fight and Fight and Fight and Fight

Well now, if you are tired of the old run of the mill kind of song and dance type theatre offered up by the typical theatre companies and would just like to check your disbelief at the door and join in something that is a disturbingly funny storytelling and theatre experience, Have I got a show recommendation for you! 93 more words


Five Steps to Saying Goodbye Peacefully

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

  1. The Research Beforehand: slowly distancing him from you, reducing physical contacts.

And, the reason for this, I believe, is mainly because by maintaining those “bodily contact” (like those gentle strokes across each other’s skin, perfunctory pecks on the cheeks, etc., etc., etc.), it would give OFF the wrong idea, to the person who doesn’t have a C-L-U-E that breaking UP is in progress, and it leads the person on, into believing, hey, maybe, we can still BE together. 381 more words


The Coexistence of Modernity and Tradition

A little while ago President Obama was quoted as having said as to the preservation of indigenous languages and culture, “You can’t just live in the past. 650 more words

Traditional Culture

Guest Post - Casual Sex is for The Shallow - Your Modern Day Mind Condom

Casual Sex is for the Shallow  is your modern day mind condom. Protect yourself before engaging in casual sex, by knowing and understanding that as a woman, sex is as much physical as it is emotional.   866 more words


What diagnosis?

I have been working with a couple of doctors, seeking a diagnosis to address my anxiety, depression and other issues that I’ve discussed in previous posts. 880 more words