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In the United States, a White person is almost six times more likely to be killed by another White person than by a Black person, according to FBI homicide data. 1,276 more words

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The $1,000.00 Pill


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It had been a hectic week.  It is spring break and our Maryland grandkids have been over the house.  606 more words


Temporary pain, Forever love Part 2

It was last year April I wrote part 1 to Temporary pain, Forever Love when I expressed my opinions of love and what it means, why I am scared of it and what I believe it takes to sustain a relationship. 1,316 more words

Social Issues

The Many Faces of Religion by Sara Niles

From The Many Faces of Religion:

“Religion is a guide, a tool, designed to meet the needs of those seeking it in their quest to become morally better people, more devout, more loyal, and more faithful; but it is also acts as a mirror, reflecting back what is fed into it, and as such, religion becomes a man-made tool, with many faces” 8 more words

Social Issues

Blogging A to Z -- P: Pornography

Well, that got your attention, didn’t it?

I’m just gonna put it out there — I don’t know why people have hang-ups about porn. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it or watch it or look at it. 524 more words

Blogging A To Z

Transgender issues: The Jayne County massacre

Hmm . . . Freedom of transphobic speech is the hot issue in yet another debate within and without the transgender community. Just who should be able to use words like “tranny” and “shemale,” and in what context? 564 more words

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