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Marni Soupcoff: Joe Fontana avoids jail while Canadians who commit victimless crimes are stuck behind bars

My sense of justice is always most outraged by crimes that directly harm others, particularly when the motive is self-enrichment. With ex-London, Ont. mayor Joe Fontana’s expenses forgery, we see both: Mr. 702 more words

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Most of Facebook's new users aren't making the company much money

Facebook just posted another set of stellar quarterly results, surpassing most expectations for profits and sales as it reaped massive benefits from selling mobile ads, which now make up the majority of its business. 144 more words

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Prayers For Man Who Died In NY Police Custody

NEW YORK (AP) – Gospel music mixed with grief at a Brooklyn church filled with mourners for the funeral of a man who died in police custody after an officer placed him in an apparent chokehold. 165 more words


Can you learn in your sleep?

Can you learn in your sleep?

by David Robson

Sleep learning used to be a pipe dream. Now neuroscientists say they have
found ways to enhance your memory with your eyes closed, says David Robson. 1,934 more words


Why I would go back (Revised Carefully)

What Manila used to be. I still think the Philippines is beautiful but we lost a whole lot of discipline after the American occupation. Now we have this while unsolvable problem on corruption and it’s just sad. 486 more words

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To be or not to be?

I remember my calculus teacher telling us a really important saying that he couldn’t have phrased more eloquently. Not because it was eloquent but because there was just no other way to put it. 368 more words


W.K. Kellogg Foundation Family Engagement Initiative

Most, if not all, Americans will be familiar with the name Kellogg’s, yes the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal! Kellogg’s is also amongst the biggest donors and supporters of early childhood education. 383 more words