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Parenting from a Parented: On Racism & Bullying

What follows is a response to a discussion that formed from a post on Facebook concerning a friend of mine’s child and the child’s unfortunate encounters with racist bullying at school. 493 more words


That Horrible Essay That Got a UNC Jock an A-? Here’s the Real Story.

That Horrible Essay That Got a UNC Jock an A-? Here’s the Real Story.

By Jordan Weissmann

The University of North Carolina has battled a scandal over fake classes… 1,152 more words


On Teaching

Every time I start a blog post, I feel voices come up in my head that says: “This is boring, why would anyone want to read this?”  Time to convince myself otherwise and start it up again.   1,313 more words

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Recent Violent Activity Unites Nation, Divides Politics

Stephen Harper’s current term in office is coming to a close but the Canadian Prime Minister refuses to back down, especially in the face of terrorism – even when the true issue at hand may be a far target from where he thinks he is aiming. 931 more words

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Sliding Down The Slide Towards Big Brother.

I am still hoping that Harper won’t use the events of this week to push legislation akin to what Australia did.

Warrantless access, no matter how you phrase it, is a dangerous slippery slope towards excess of abuse. 139 more words

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You cry like a girl

Anyone notice the latest installment of the PC machinery gone awry. This time, its victim is/was Ted Bishop. Until recently, Ted was the president of the professional golfers association of America (PGA), but right now he holds the unenviable title of being the first PGA president to be booted out of office. 137 more words

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5 reasons Satyamev Jayate is the best TV show ever

  1. It raises very real issues
  2. It not just raises issues, it shows their solutions
  3. It features believable case studies
  4. It doesn’t blatantly promote itself
  5. It doesn’t disrespect anyone & disclaims that too
  6. 32 more words