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Who Watches the NYPD? Surveillance of American Muslims

On April 15, 2014, the NYPD disbanded its Demographics Unit, which spied on countless innocent American Muslims despite failing to generate leads. Since The Associated Press published documents describing the program in 2011, civil rights groups including the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund had advocated for the closing of this unit through a combination of legal work, public campaigns, and reports on the negative impacts of the surveillance program on throughout the East Coast. 23 more words

Civil Rights

New stories, different heroes: what Art of Disruption is about

“The bottom line is that we badly need some new stories. We need stories that have different kinds of heroes – and we need heroes willing to take different kinds of risks.

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Majorité Opprimée

A rather depressing French film.

A commentary on society.

Human Rights

The Queer Identity You've Never Heard About -- TransGod

Greg Brown is a 21 year old student living with his two roommates and his cat. He bikes to work, loves pizza and plays first person shooter games. 422 more words

Social Justice

Statistics Students' Presentation on Affirmative Action

Today a group of our students from Honors Statistics presented some information during Community Meeting on the question of Affirmative Action.  While some students in high school may have heard the term, others may not know much about it.   127 more words

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Slavery Footprint

Most people have heard the term carbon footprint. “What is your carbon footprint?”, is a trendy, and important, question. We are all worried about how the choices we are making now, will impact the environment for generations to come. 282 more words