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Villanueva: "On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism"

Villanueva, Victor. “On the Rhetoric and Precedents of Racism.” College Composition and Communication 50.4 (1999): 645:661. Web.

Villanueva argues for the return to the “question of racism” and race-based oppression, claiming that racism is still a primary concern for Americans. 247 more words


The role of journalism in making change: watch these spaces

As anyone with a stake in social policy change knows well, the media can play a big role in generating the ‘power to persuade’ – making the case for change in a way that moves the public, policy makers, and politicians. 1,264 more words

Community Sector

The Problem with Liberalism: Or why we can't just all get along.

Liberals, I have a problem with you.

It’s not a personal thing, many of you are perfectly nice people. It’s, well…your ideology (yes it is an ideology-stop with the “I’m post-ideological” self-delusion). 566 more words


New Flava in Ya Ear..... J. Cole and T.I!

Attention Ear Drums! The New Flavas this week are a direct result of the death of Mike Brown and others who have been wrongfully killed by law enforcement. 221 more words


How I Feel Michael Brown's @NYTimes Obituary Should Have Been Written... #Ferguson

Having read the New York Times obituary for Michael Brown, I was as disturbed as many others by the way it written. As such, I have decided to try my hand at cleaning up the obituary, making it more like what I, at least, would have preferred to read. 1,235 more words


IFLA Limerick

A couple of weeks ago I presented at the IFLA Information Literacy Satellite in Limerick. As well as presenting, I had the opportunity to attend some really informative and useful sessions, some of which touched on critical pedagogy, critical theory, and citizenship. 592 more words

Information Literacy

Lipan Apache Legal Victory for Native American Religious Freedom!


This month, after eight years in court, my tribe has achieved a legal victory to defend our religious rights.

In 2006, federal officials violated a sacred powwow circle and confiscated feathers.Thanks to the tireless work of Lipan Apache Vice-chairman Robert Soto (my uncle, pictured above) and lawyers Milo Colton and Marisa Salazar, the feathers will be returned and given the respect they deserve. 592 more words