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Rich Hill: Documents Rural Poverty In America

“We’re not trash. We’re good people,” says Andrew, one of the adolescent boys featured in the documentary Rick Hill, a film about rural poverty in America. 78 more words

Social Justice

Why Feminism Is NOT a Stupid Concept and Not JUST for Women

In a perfect world everyone would accept everyone. But they don’t. Feminism advocates for both women AND men who are discriminated against by our cis male-dominated society for having more stereotypically feminine qualities. 267 more words


Post-work/pre-work reflection: "the in-between."

Leaving a job is hard. And when said-job involves building and maintaining relationships, investing in people’s lives (and them in yours), and working around delicate situations where vulnerability and trust are rampant and inherent, leaving a job is actually horrifying and alarming. 1,338 more words

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10 Things You Should Stop Saying To LGBTQ People

I’d be surprised if the majority of this wasn’t meant jokingly or rather was the result of genuine unawareness that it could be hurtful. Let’s establish this, because I do not think that people  1,182 more words

Spotlight on TBTN Performers - Eileen Griffet

Take Back the Night, an annual event organized by SACHA — Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) — is a powerful opportunity for all woman-identified individuals… 374 more words


Map: Detroit Transit Dependency Index

This is another map from the research work of Nicholas Grisham, Terra Reed, and Kevin Shelton of the University of Michigan. As part of their deeper look into the… 98 more words


Peter McVerry on vocation

I’ve just completed an email interview with Peter McVerry SJ, which will be posted in full next week. Fr McVerry is a social activist, campaigner and founder of homelessness charity… 247 more words

Jesuit Priests