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Earth Day - 2014

“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot…Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress begin to do away with them.   1,134 more words



The city of San Francisco has made another step towards greening city grounds, with a recent ordinance to ban the sale of plastic water bottles on private property or events. 16 more words

H2O Education

We all have an inkling, a notion or perhaps even a concrete idea of our own, unique femininity:
The things we feel make us – , the things we enjoy or dread about being feminine… 117 more words


Games for Change: The Migrant Trail

This game is really great because it shows you a real account of what it is like to have to cross through the desert between Mexico and Arizona. 248 more words

School and "Other People's Children": Some Personal Reflections

Written by Daniel Fox

My life has been feeling overwhelming recently. It makes me think about what we need to do to really support the kids in our increasingly diverse and segregated city schools who are going through things often objectively harder and newer to them than the busy-ness, pressures, and losses I have been facing as a white, college educated support staff. 1,029 more words

From Farm Workers to Cheerleaders, We're all in This Together

via From Farm Workers to Cheerleaders, We’re all in This Together on Creators.com.

It doesn’t take an IQ much higher than room temperature to realize that it’s way past time to raise America’s sub-poverty minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

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Passing privilege, and other curses in disguise

My mother is Turkish, my father Pakistani. I have absolutely no Anglo-European blood in me. I am relatively light-skinned, but I am neither ethnically or phenotypically white… 1,204 more words

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