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Social Work Soundtrack # 3- "What's Goin On" by Marvin Gaye

This song really embodies a lot social work values including justice, fairness, talking things out, and not judging others. This is especially a “macro” social work song. 12 more words

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Lord Don't Move the Mountain.

Doris Akers wrote a song titled Lord Don’t Move the Mountain, sung most famously by Mahalia Jackson, in which the singer asks God not to remove stumbling blocks, “for when our tribulations get too light we tend to stray from thee.” 225 more words

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"One of the bleakest and blackest episodes of American labor history"

April 20th, 2014, is the 100th anniversary of the Ludlow massacre, which historian Wallace Stegenr described as “One of the bleakest and blackest episodes of American labor history.”  The massacre claimed the lives of between 19 and 26 people, two of whom were women and 11 of whom were children who were burned/asphyxiated when the Colorado National Guard set fire to a tent that was over the man made  cave where they had sought shelter.  217 more words

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Petition: Claire O'Brien

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

-Frederick Douglass

I met Claire O’Brien through her blog, Eléctrica in the Desert… 1,158 more words

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weavergrace reblogged this on Weaver Grace and commented:

When I first heard about Claire's story, I thought that it was an issue of concealing a witness to protect him or her from being heard in court. I thought that a reporter was claiming to have disputable information, and stated that it came from a credible, though anonymous, source. I thought that a reporter was expecting to testify on behalf of an anonymous person. I thought that the reporter was justly fired from her job, but since her employer refused to reveal the reason, she imposed a wild story about it. I discovered that this was like the game of "telephone" in which a simple message is orally passed along a line of people, as accurately as possible, and the last version is found to be quite different from the original one. I discovered that award-winning investigative reporter Claire O'Brien gave a voice to Latinos who often had no other voice, by publishing their stories in a newspaper. She obtained information about a murder from people who trusted her. A subpoena demanded her notes. The judge threatened to hold her in contempt of court if she did not reveal a certain source who revealed embarrassing and incriminating information about the popular person who was killed. She refused to reveal her notes and source. She won an award for the murder news story...after she was fired by the newspaper that had employed her while she wrote it. Quickly, organizations that claimed to support free speech and professional journalism joined a campaign to discredit Ms. O'Brien. She is now destitute, dependent on public aid. Lawyers and reporters who are aware of the facts have been unable to share her story because of likely repercussions. Public pressure is her hope for justice, since she trusts that Tom Mauro, a key player in this dispute, will set the record straight, when pressed. Please: 1. read her story 2. participate in her petition to Tony Mauro 3. share her story with others Thank you for sharing Claire's hopes and dreads.

R is for Reflection in Practice

The reflective process requires a practitioner to stand back and consciously analyse the decision making process in which they are involved with clients or on their behalf. 567 more words

Reflective Work Journal

Ally Profile: Reverend Dr. Bruce Havens

We thought we would let the Reverend Dr. Bruce Havens, Pastor of the Arlington Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, tell you in his own words why he joined the ‘We Are Straight Allies’ campaign: 274 more words


A Catholic Worker Family


A Catholic Worker Family

The objects of their adoration

were later traced to Central Station,

laying on a closet floor

with Tamany Hall’s old humidor. 83 more words