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James Baldwin at 90: “‘I can’t believe what you say,’ the song goes, ‘because I see what you do’”

January 1, 2000, exposed a truly baffling phenomenon about most humans: A silly fascination with numbers that end in zero that completely renders those humans irrational. 3,479 more words


Your 9-to-5 is how you are spending your days, it is what you are doing with your LIFE. If it’s not making the world a more compassionate place, why do it?

Social Justice

Garbage Boy Now Among Canada’s highest Paid Municipal Politicians

August 1st and finally, truth about the goings on in the very troubled Brampton City Council is beginning to emerge.

Frankly, what is emerging about “certain” present members of City Council is compelling.  689 more words

Judiciary Committee Examines the Effect of Gun Violence on Women in America

Washington, DC – Today the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing entitled “VAWA Next Steps: Protecting Women from Gun Violence.”  With American women more than ten times more likely to be murdered with a gun than women in other industrialized countries, the hearing examined whether changes to federal law could help to better protect women from gun violence. 678 more words

Social Justice