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I was the recipient of a Twitter rant...

I have gone on my fair share of Twitter rants. Sometimes, it’s the people who are walking too slowly in the mall – I have sales to get to, people! 472 more words

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We came out of the womb of darkness ...

We will not be prayed or legislated away – we will not be robbed of our potentials, our humanness or the right to love and be loved or the right to marry whom we love or our right to raise a family. 716 more words

Social Justice

I'm Just Mild About Francis

Michael Gallagher

I’m just mild about Francis: Pope Francis, that is. I’m afraid I can’t get that excited about either the Synod of Bishops, whose first session just ended, or the Pope himself. 346 more words


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UMC Rev. Frank Schafer's Final Hearing Tomorrow

Keep Reverend Frank Schafer, the United Methodist Church, LGBTQA clergy and laity, and the members of the Judicial Council in your prayers as this important hearing goes forward tomorrow in Memphis. 434 more words



Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
~ George Orwell, 1984

A few days a year, I like disappearing from the world: I catch fever or some other illness, like I have had for the last two days (nop, I don’t have the Ebola) and submerge myself in things I love deeply, things I don’t have the luxury to do in regular days: sleep, think, watch a movie, read a book completely disconnected from my everyday reality. 488 more words

Social Justice

Kumashiro Chapter 3

In this chapter Kumashiro spoke to the unintentional ways that we teach in the classroom or what some would call the hidden curriculum. These unintentional ways of teaching are constant and are almost impossible to make transparent because they are a part of everything we do or say. 370 more words

Anthropology of Current World Issues

I just finished Anthropology of Current World Issues, offered by the University of Queensland through edX.

I enrolled in the course because I have no background in anthropology, and was hoping to get some sort of feel for the field. 334 more words