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My Love/Hate Relationship with College Teaching

Richard Sahn.  Introduction by William Astore.

Being a college professor is supposed to be a grand profession.  Assuming we’re not underpaid adjuncts with neither benefits… 858 more words


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Has This House Become a Den of Robbers?

“Social Justice” is often used in religious circles, as a call to action.  Of course no one ever defines what they mean by the term.  Is there a difference between justice and “social justice”?   549 more words

Every four and a half minutes

The universe expands 243 miles.

1125 babies are born,

The average human heart beats 360 times;

Every four and a half minutes… 583 more words


In My Opinion: Crime

My morning ritual consist of sifting though news articles on a few different sites and then whatever posts on Facebook seem interesting enough to look into. 437 more words

Straight Up Rant

Join the March for Homes to fight London's housing crisis

via Join the March for Homes to fight London’s housing crisis.

by Eileen Short

There is growing and acute housing pressure in London. It’s particularly harsh for young people and people hit by benefit cuts.

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Food banks in this day and age?

Simon McDougall – Green Councillor

Green Councillor Simon McDougall visited the local food bank in West Street, Bognor Regis earlier this week.  He met with the Co-ordinators and one of the Trustees, to understand more about how they operate. 512 more words

Green Party

Wolfpack Voices 1

Members of the Wolfpack, Do you think men dominate classroom discussions?

BJ Anya (Basketball Superstar): “All I know is that I dominate on the court!” 90 more words