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Books to teach young children 'hello' and 'goodbye'.

Being able to say hello and goodbye is more than just good manners, it is the start of being a confident and competent social communicator. For some children, learning greetings is not an easy process, and as many a parent can confirm, asking your child to ‘c’mon say hello’ and ‘time to say goodbye’ just doesn’t work. 275 more words

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What social language do you speak?

We all know that social media is the biggest, most revolutionary shift in recent years. Which is what makes it all the more surprising that some companies still struggle to understand the concept, and make their decisions purely based on the ‘sheep philosophy’. 304 more words


Girls & Asperger's - Why we need to understand gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Today I presented information, strategies and resources for girls and women with Asperger’s to a lovely group of people in Gunnedah NSW. One of the questions I was asked was “why focus on girls when there are so many more boys diagnosed?” My interest arose from hearing Dr. 194 more words

Speech Language Pathology Services In Gunnedah NSW

Opportunity knocks: Language is Everywhere

We have all had exhausting days as parents when all we want to do is get home, but at the same time when opportunity knocks its important to seize the moment to teach our children. 177 more words

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Looms for Language and Learning ?!?

Rainbow Looms have become both a relief (for little hands being occupied for a decent chunk of time) and bane (for the multitude of bands littering the carpet) of many a parent and teachers life. 397 more words

Speech Language Pathology Services In Gunnedah NSW

Management = Communication Leader

A primary role of management is communicating effectively with your team. Tom is mid mid management at his company. He is working on a deal with a a senior manager and two junior level managers. 88 more words

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