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Wanted: A Caribbean LGBT Research Agenda

The 2nd Annual Caribbean Women and Sexual diversity conference (CWSDC) was held in Paramaribo Suriname from October 5-12. The conference was organized by United and Strong (St.Lucia), CARIFLAGS (Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities), and Women’s Way Foundation (Suriname). 2,478 more words

Feminist Analysis

Fairness: doing what we know is right

Leadership is about many things, but for Social Leaders, a large component if to be fair. It’s not about what the rules tell us: it’s about what our hearts and souls tell us. 151 more words


Skills for the Digital Learner

Assumptions are a dangerous thing: they make it easy for us to stereotype and make decisions, but the reality can be more nuanced. I’ve recently become more interested in the work we need to do with learners to ensure they can thrive in the new realities of the… 580 more words


A pattern of adaptation

The Social Age is about change: an evolution of the ecosystem and practice of work and play. Technology has blurred the boundaries between formal and social spaces whilst, concurrently, social attitudes to authority and community are changing. 502 more words

Social Age

Volume Versus Relevance

There a nuance about communication in the Social Age: less about volume, more about relevance and spread. Or rather, less about how loudly you can shout, more about who you talk to quietly with great… 229 more words

Social Age

The Social Age - F14.4

In their recent book, The Social Leader (2014), Frank Guglielmo and Sudhanshu Palsule outline what they see as the five core challenges of the new Social Age we find ourselves in. 367 more words


In a world where only Jesus can Make Miracles?

There are a number of stories in the bible where Jesus does some questionable things. Miracles. He makes impossible things possible. Jesus did magical things. 648 more words