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Deconstructing the process and methods by which "ideas" and "narratives" are created and disseminated in "news".

Week 2 of Political Potpourri 2 with Motza Ramon at the ISL. Adding more images and exploring more ideas. Motza demonstrates a kind of discipline and process that is important in developing a body of work as an artist. 80 more words


LEDDA-Making babies, having children and finding a job

“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

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Time to replicate the "Sistren Theatre Collective" Model

Sistren Theatre Collective began in 1977;

as an Independent Cultural organization of working class women who employed popular theatre techniques in their exploration and analysis of the social, political and legal condition and status of Jamaican women.

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Social Leadership: crossing boundaries

Our lives today weave between formal and social spaces, no longer defined by the four walls of the office or a clear distinction between technologies… 322 more words

Social Age

Writing: Milestones

An unexpected milestone crept up on me this morning: i hit 100,000 views on the blog. Depending how you look at it, that’s a surprisingly high, or surprisingly low number. 885 more words


How does a graduation become a worship service?

I didn’t want to go but i went anyway. I just wasn’t in the mood for dressing decent. I needed a new slippers and i couldn’t bother to buy new clothes( even if i had the money to). 1,211 more words


Follow the leader who leads

I like to find nuggets of the real world in sports since as a former sportswriter I’m always intrigued at how people fail to see professional sports as a job and business. 257 more words