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When Rasta Reggae artist travel/tour the World what kinds of contribution should they be required to make to the Rastafari community ?

Princes and Princesses must trod out of Egypt,

Ithiopians now stretch forth their hands to Haile Selassie I, Rastafari
O’ Haile Selassie I of Ithiopia, I’n’I Ivine Majesty,
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The Ages of Knowledge

Today I signed off the cover design for the Social Leadership Handbook. And tonight I’m meeting up at the GoogleGlass Basecamp with other Explorers. Both things relate to knowledge: one a curated space, the other a tool for curation. 135 more words


What have learnt from 5 months of working with Children?

What have we learned from 5 months of working with children at the ISL? There are many considerations for working with children from “inner-city” communities in Jamaica and not all “intervention models” are suitable for children. 1,090 more words


I am with Papa Legba at a Crossroads

I keep having these dreams. Last night’s dream just made sense to me. I keep having dreams that I am attacked or surprised by something and I have to fight to get away. 434 more words


Jamaica 51 yrs since 1962?

For Lesly Akilah Anya Georgia

Greetings Jamaica, Good night…..Happy birthday. 51 yrs since 1962? i finally understand you…well ambitious, feel well bright, but just a likkle tired from nuff good things weh never get fi work out right …….


Best Leadership Books

The seventh chapter of Governance and Social Leadership (Cape Breton University Press, 2014) is devoted to the topic of understanding leadership. Following sections on the relationship between management and leadership, what the experts have to say about leadership, and what people are looking for in a leader, I discuss the lucrative field of leadership book publishing. 285 more words

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Airport anthropology, one next ting and di post weh mi did a write from before

Airport Anthropology

I feel the same way every time i go to the airport. Kinda puzzled, curious, worried. I know i feel a way because all i want to do is look at people coming outta the airport and who pick dem up. 2,021 more words