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Digital Marketing Experiment 2: Marketing on LinkedIn

Having had some success driving traffic to our site using Facebook Ads, we decided to target LinkedIn for our next experiment.  As a professional social network, LinkedIn has significant information about education, work history, and industry that could help us target BC Alumni in the Technology Space.  640 more words


5 Tools To Create Images For Social Media Sharing

5 Tools To Create Images For Social Media Sharing #Socialmedia #Socialmarketing http://ow.ly/HXXyN
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Preventing Network Marketing Stall Outs & Preparing For The Unexpected

Preventing Stall Outs & Preparing For The Unexpected

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Protologic Inc.: Specialize Your Social Media Presence

A problem I find myself running into all the time (with the various positions I hold) is running all of my social media accounts. One thing that has definitely helped is picking the platforms which are most effective and focusing my energies there, rather than spreading myself too thin. 172 more words


Why you should buy a Keurig

Edit: Imagine my horror today when I discovered one of the main reasons we hated the Vue was *still a problem* with the product Keurig sent to replace. 784 more words

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Protologic Inc.: The Importance of a Unified Marketing Strategy

With the new year of 2015 ahead, we need to talk about the importance of presenting a unified, seamless, and completely branded marketing strategy. These last few years have seen an increase in visual communication and repetition of consistent visuals will help businesses to connect with clients and keep them engaged.

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Social Media - just a way of killing time

A couple of years ago the following¬†question was posted on the Who’s Who in Events LinkedIn group.

Is Social Media just used to kill time and find out what old colleagues are up to or does anyone, other than social media consultants, get business out of it?

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