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Back in the 3rd World!

I’m back underground. The internet is very slow when it is working at all. Please have patience with me. I’ll respond to everyone ASAP.

William Chasterson


Social Media is NOT Social Marketing and Why It Matters

If you are running a business, do you want good social media results or good business results? Social media results are things like “likes,” “followers,” “reach,” “engagement,” and “impressions.” If you are a marketing professional, you are expected to demonstrate increased awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. 711 more words

Social Steve

Why Choice Is Bad: a Tale of Jam, Meerkats and Toasters

I hate shopping. I also hate gender stereotypes, so please bear that in mind when I tell you this: my wife enjoys it. Well, ‘enjoy’ is a strong word. 2,384 more words

Behaviour Change

TGIF! Pacesetters place big bet on "analytics" - Register for the Watson Beta!!!

I love being able to snap a picture of a check with my smart phone and magically deposit the money into my bank account. No more sitting in a long line of cars to deposit a check or worrying about misplacing that tiny piece of paper! 267 more words

Social Marketing

Twitter Announces Organic Tweet Analytics

Yesterday Twitter announced an enhanced Tweet activity dashboard to provide insight into organic Tweet performance. Previously, organic data was available but difficult to find and measured in less detail. 191 more words