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All About Yelp

Reviews, reviews and more reviews. The internet is used for many things and sharing opinions is just one of them. 

Yelp was formed in 2004 and created to connect people with local businesses. 187 more words


Find common ground with your audience... for FREE!

   We hear all the time how important it is to “know your audience.” You can try connect with potential customers, clients, people in general through whatever medium you want, but unless you have a targeted market your efforts will fall on deaf ears. 527 more words

Is Your Favorite Brand on Social Media?

Pet ownership is on the rise! Currently 68% of US households own a pet, which means the pet industry is important to millions people.  In 2013 alone… 341 more words


Why do people use social media? ¿Por qué se conecta la gente a medios sociales?

Why do people use social media? Why do people follow their favorite brands through social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter?

  • To see what their contacts post (family, friends, etc)
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Social Media

Twitter: Everyone Gets the New Profile Now & What to Do If You Don't Like It

An email sent to some Twitter users Thursday morning announced the new Twitter profile and included a link to “get it now.” News about the new profile design broke… 330 more words

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