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10 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing

by NEIL PATEL on OCTOBER 15, 2014 via Quicksprout.com

Looking for ways to improve your content marketing?  Are you wondering what resources you should be reading to boost your content marketing efforts? 1,435 more words

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Maximizing Your Use 4 Top Social Media Platforms

If you don’t use social media personally, it can seem difficult to understand why it’s such an important aspect of digital marketing. You might be tempted to think, “Well, Facebook is the biggest of the social media platforms, so maybe I should just post everything on there in the hopes of reaching the most people.” What you need to realize, however, is that social media is not just a publication service. 525 more words


Elf and safety !

Sorry I pinched that line but I love it.


A great new safety video for Air NewZealand.

The video was Directed by New Zealand film maker Taika Waititi. 24 more words


Trafalgar doesn’t shy away from social media - Montreal Families - November 2014 - Montreal

Check out this wonderful article Alissa Sklar wrote about our social media policy (ok, ok, it is a bit of shameless promotion. So sue me…) And since I am already on that bandwagon, let me share with you a link to a  59 more words

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Facebook- Playing by their rules matters

Facebook Brand Connection with users:

According to Mashable Facebook is a powerful platform not just for advertising, but also for brands to connect with consumers at an unpaid level. 627 more words


New Facebook rival says Ello! and this one aims to be different... but is it just another drop in the ocean?

So it seems that every week there is a new social media platform that is labelled the ‘next Facebook’ or the ‘next Twitter’. Usually these platforms come and go without making a ripple on the surface of the big social media ocean, however the latest newbie has generated a few more waves than most. 689 more words

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