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Email design for a social media campaign push.

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Snapchat, Just a fad?

Hello my disciples. I’m back for another discussion and another blog in which I will be sharing my thought and opinions with you. Today my friends the topic at hand is Snapchat. 421 more words


Make Me A Celebrity

The power of social media has definitely changed since it first came on the scene. Two trends that have become increasingly popular because of social media are living a purposely public life and the ability to get paid through a social media. 523 more words

Social Media

Troubled Teens and What They Will Only Understand Years Later

I was no joy to my parents as a teenager.  Sitting on the cusp of adulthood I caused them more consternation than the American average of the time.  2,487 more words


Zero to Hero: Themes & Follows

The last two assignments have been about widening my blog community and refining the look of Life’s So Sweet.

I tried very hard to post yesterday, but I was traveling and a) couldn’t stay on WiFi to save my life, and b) wasted 90 – 90! 173 more words


Why is blogging so hard?

If I could find a way to get paid to procrastinate and obsess over minor details to the point of being paralyzed, I could have retired to my own tropical island years ago. 879 more words


Quote of the day: April 19, 2014

I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done. © Marie Curie