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Thanks to the increase in video equipment accessibility and the decrease in production costs, it is now easier for people to produce videos, upload them up on YouTube, and draw revenue from those videos. 475 more words


Increasing Facebook Engagement one Step at a Time

By: Annie Beard @annie_beard

Before starting my internship this summer, I thought I knew pretty much everything I needed to know about social media, including Facebook, but I was wrong. 382 more words

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5 Shocking Facts About My Blog

So I think I’ve been doing this long enough to consider myself a blogger.  Officially, yes, I am a blogger.  I write a blog!  Now that I have reached this lofty designation, I am able to look back and make meaningful observations about how different it looks now that I am, well you know. 533 more words


Who is on Instagram?

Who is on Instagram?

I find Instagram instant fun, ie it’s so simple to just pop a picture, convey something, or even a video which I did not discover until recently. 165 more words


The Secret to Using Tumblr Well

Tumblr has become one of the most popular blogging platforms out there in the space of a few scant years-which is pretty much the speed at which everything seems to happen these days. 672 more words


5 LinkedIn Features You Might Have Missed

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, a place to have an online resume, connect with people from your industry or potential employers, and read relevant news. 447 more words

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5 Great Practices For Social Media Success

Although social media can be entertaining platform, an educational resource and a networking heaven; it takes a lot of hard work, consistency and flexibility for gaining success in social media. 720 more words