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ELLO it's the new Facebook?

An innovative new social utility, ‘ELLO,’ is threatening a revolt against social media giants Facebook, with the introduction of an Ad-Free alternative social network. Dubbed the ‘Anti- Facebook,’ ELLO has attracted users by creating a beautifully simplistic, ad-free site which boasts a unique selling point – An ethical promise ‘not to pass user data onto third parties.’ ELLO’s popularity has soared over the past two months and there now a remarkable 34, 000 new users per hour. 780 more words


How Do I Make Someone An Admin Of My Facebook Page?

There are different reasons why you might want to add someone as an admin to your Facebook Page. You may be employing the services of a social media agency, or simply sharing the monitoring duties with one of your staff members. 400 more words

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CEP 812 Wicked Problem Project: Rethinking Teaching

As part of the CEP 812 course project, my group members Alissa Arden, Jake Jewett and I chose to address the topic of “Rethinking Teaching” for our Wicked Problem Project. 848 more words


An individual customer rep is not a reliable source

Twice in the past few weeks, I’ve gotten into debates with readers about whether an option I’ve written about exists. Each time, my source has been a company PR contact, against which the reader has cited a sales or support representative who told them otherwise. 443 more words


B2B Social Media Landscape 2014 [Infographic]

The 2014 B2B Social Media Landscape – An infographic by the team at Embed the infographic now

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SM Diploma

Proud to be part of the first social media diploma in the Middle East at the German Jordanian University.

The diploma is 90 hours and organized by… 15 more words

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