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Mojo 2014

The Mobile Journalism paper has kicked off again this year, and already we are gathering some great results from students.  In week 1, they all tweeted in text, video and pictures on “What Te Waha Nui means to me” as the Journalism team is currently reviewing the publication’s aims, audience and mission statement.   114 more words

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4 Digital marketing initiatives every business must have

In today’s digitally connected world it’s no longer a question of whether a business should be on the Internet. It’s more about where all should I be. 721 more words


Willfully ignorant leftists put bogus racism charge on John Podhoretz

It was nothing extraordinary. Piano player John Legend was just joining the left wing anti-Israel chorus. Conservative pundit and editor of “Commentary” magazine John Podhoretz responded with a variation on a stock conservative phrase. 460 more words

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My husband is more to me than a living jar-opener

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you’ve probably already seen the Women Against Feminism tumblr going around, or at the very least read about it. 892 more words

Heart And Mind

Diana reblogged this on Part Time Monster and commented:

Yes. This. A thousand times, this. I haven't been able to figure out how to write about this situation yet, because it perplexes me. I don't understand the backlash against a movement that has, without a major war, helped to level the playing field in everything from voting rights to education to what jobs are open to me. I'm confused by the suggestion that the work of feminism is "done," too, when there are still massive gender and sex inequalities that get even more complex when a person's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, or geographical location marks them as different from the status quo.

VBeat: Funding Daily: A bit of everythin

VBeat: Funding Daily: A bit of everything – Get all the tech funding news of the day delivered straight to your mailbox! Sign up for Funding Daily and never miss a deal. 35 more words

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SocialMedia: Why Google Plus is the anti

SocialMedia: Why Google Plus is the antisocial network – The best communities grow organically from the bottom up, from the ground up, developing from small virtual villages into much larger, robust towns then cities. 12 more words

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4 Ways to Make Your Social Good Campaign More Effective

Last month, an anonymous donor used a Twitter account to encourage people to sit in the lobby of the cafeteria at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and commit “ 764 more words

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