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Data In, Data Out

That is the title of new research from Forrester describing future trends in Social Relationship Platforms. The report begins by describing the rather sorry state of social media marketing – only half of marketers are satisfied with the value received from their Facebook and Twitter programs. 179 more words

Social Media

Why Good Content Is So Important to Your Search Rankings Now

By Grace M Frank

For the last two-to-three years, a revolution has been taking place in the world of SEO optimization and search engine page ranking (SERP). 834 more words

Social Media

Why A Blog Is So Important For Your Bottom Line

By @JackieClews

Are you wondering why someone might take the time to write a blog or pay to have one professionally written and managed by someone else for their business’s website? 391 more words


Іmроrtаnсе оf Internet Marketing

As уоu аll knоw internet marketing іs an essential skill which needs to be mastered. The process of creating a product or service and the marketing of it online is a very simply way that many companies now generate huge profits online. 602 more words


Snapchat.....just a fad?

Snapchat is an app for smartphones and tablets, it allows you to take a photo and send it to a group of friends and they can only view it for a few seconds and then it is gone forever, unless they are fast enough to screenshot. 525 more words

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Earlier today, after blogging about a company called HomeJoy‘s lack of understanding of how memes work (and an RT from my buddy Kevin), … 80 more words


Networked Community: the Old Social Operating System?

When I woke up yesterday I didn’t realize that pastries would get me thinking about the role of Facebook in the lives of urban Indonesians. But in a strange way, they did. 1,087 more words