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Skype call translations could change the world

Translation software and voice recognition software has been advancing nicely over the years. Google Translate, Siri and Google Voice are making our lives that bit easier. 56 more words

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Why vanilla is the worst flavor of marketing

I have a friend who recently wrote a blog post for the agency she works for. It was a great post: well written, included graphics she made herself, was helpful and offered takeaways, and had a title just interesting enough to garner clicks without being click bait. 520 more words

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I am writing to give a precurser to a short, hopefully humorous, and factually true a book called SOCIAL MEDIA MANNERS.

I am taking some of your best suggestions. 189 more words


How to provide epic customer service

by Rob Zaleski

I’m not really a fan of pointing out FAILS unless they really irk me. Rather than posting precautionary tales of what not… 753 more words

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Social Media Goes Tribal

Less Noise, More Relevance
As the information age progresses apace our daily lives are deluged with content – updates, notifications, alerts. It is difficult to keep up and many of us are starting to cut back, to unsubscribe, unfollow and unfriend. 410 more words

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How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial

Our basic need has and always will be our evolutionary connection to one another. And we have that don’t we? We have an average of 2 close friends as opposed to 10 in 2001 (gallup poll).So where has everybody gone? 995 more words


Social For Kids: A Grown-Ups Guide. Part Two: Vine

Following on from part of 1 of this series covering socials ephemeral superstar Snapchat, it is Vine’s turn in the spotlight.

Every month 100 million people watch Vines across the web and there are more than one billion loops every day. 1,733 more words

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