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Water Wasted For a Good Cause


While a trend known as the Ice-Bucket Challenge sweeps the world, gallons of water are wasted; however, the amount of money and awareness being raised for the ALS Association far outweighs the negative. 314 more words

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Online Social Media Activism.

Social media has become an enormous part of our lives. Moreover, it has brought along with it many new social developments. One of them being the infamous social media sensation, hash tag symbol (#). 608 more words

Ice Buckets and Satire Online

With more than 2.4 million ice bucket videos posted on Facebook for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge campaign, and $98.2 million donated to ALS during the campaign so far compared to $2.7 million last year in the same period, social media has certainly enabled more awareness and money raised for the cause. 107 more words


Mixed Feelings on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

People that know me will assure you that I care deeply about a lot of social justice/activism causes, whether or not they have impacted my family and me directly. 1,016 more words

Social Media Activism, Attention Whoring, "Pseudo Passion"

You know, something has really been getting on my nerves lately even though I’ve been wanting to avoid it. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe the people who are social media activists are wrong too. 503 more words


Inspiration for the Space

“We have no need of false revolutions /In a world where categories tend to tyrannize our minds /And hang our lives up on narrow pegs. /It is well at every given moment to seek the limits in our lives. 413 more words

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This is a recording of the events taking place in Ferguson. This isn’t about writing. But it is about stories.

Growing up, I had legends to go on – legends like the Million Man March, World War II, the Kennedy assassination, the Suffragette movement, the Springbok Tour – that I never could have imagined the experience of being involved in. 313 more words