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Water Wasted For a Good Cause


While a trend known as the Ice-Bucket Challenge sweeps the world, gallons of water are wasted; however, the amount of money and awareness being raised for the ALS Association far outweighs the negative. 314 more words

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Online Social Media Activism.

Social media has become an enormous part of our lives. Moreover, it has brought along with it many new social developments. One of them being the infamous social media sensation, hash tag symbol (#). 608 more words

Ice Buckets and Satire Online

With more than 2.4 million ice bucket videos posted on Facebook for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge campaign, and $98.2 million donated to ALS during the campaign so far compared to $2.7 million last year in the same period, social media has certainly enabled more awareness and money raised for the cause. 107 more words