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Social Media Analytics > Don’t Have It? Then You Are Missing Out!

Came across this interesting article on LinkedIn today about how few companies are seeing social media lead to direct revenue. Tying return on investment to social media is really not all that hard, but a lot of us don’t have an idea of where to start. 251 more words


Social engagement doesn't matter. Stop measuring it.

I got drunk with this kid a few summers ago who worked in marketing. At the time, I didn’t officially work in marketing — I worked in “editorial” for a small part of PBS, basically — and this kid, while drunk, was saying some entertaining stuff. 857 more words

Fundamental Explainers

For businesses, the value of social media is hard to prove

Personally, I understand the value of social media — even if 80 percent of people using it are “me-formers” — because it connects family and friends in a new way. 345 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Social Media & Top 5 Business Functions

A social media program must positively help the organization in a way or the other. It should cater to the needs of the organization. Following are the top 5 business functions to which social media program will help organization: 454 more words

Social Media ROI

Querying Google With R

If you have a blog you may want to discover how your website is performing for given keywords on Google Search Engine. As we all know, this topic is not a trivial one. 1,169 more words


Week #10: Free Versus Paid Social Media Analytics? Let's Just Say You Get What You Pay For.

There are any number of free, or nearly free, social media analytics and engagement tools on the market. A great many of these have the option for free and paid depending on the level of service and reporting you want. 1,003 more words


Indian Super League so far – A Summary

Football is probably world’s most favourite sport and, India’s second most favourite after Cricket. But we are unable to say whether the concept of Indian Super League (ISL) has been able to strike a chord with many Indians on social, yet. 747 more words