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Increase revenue with A/B testing and a two-word change

I’m doing some more A/B testing at my current job — I haven’t really done that much in previous jobs, although a little bit here and there — and so I’ve been looking around at videos and articles related to the idea just to see how successful it can be, how you should optimize it, etc, etc. 507 more words

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Facebook Analytics For Bands Part 3

We’ve been looking at how to assess your Facebook analytics.  To finish we’re going to have a look at Posts which gives a few key metrics from the last seven days..    165 more words

Facebook Analytics For Bands Part 2

Following on from our look at the Analytics Overview page yesterday, we’ll have a look at the Reach page. The Reach page provides a 30 day overview of the penetration of your posts, showing you which posts reached the most people. 150 more words

Did hatred of the form help make Google and Facebook so powerful?

In short answer to the question in the title, no. Facebook and Google became Internet giants for much more varied reasons — and, in the process, … 423 more words

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Dr Social Pepper

One of the biggest problems with most marketing research methodologies is that the individual being surveyed or interviewed typically knows it.  Just the fact that they know this can alter their responses.  364 more words


The Dummies Guide To Social Media Analytics

Most people either don’t get what analytics are or don’t appreciate their importance.  Why do you even need to be concerned with them?  Well analytics data allows you to monitor the performance of your content.   146 more words

Do people actually read content before they share content?

Reading is the cornerstone of almost every piece of communication we undertake — that’s part of why it’s so legitimately essential — but no one, at the same time, seems to ever actually  545 more words

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