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Writing, The Glamorous Life & Finding Balance in the Madness of Branding

I will confess, being a writer is THE best job in the world. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t ALSO admit it can feel like we’ve been strapped to Hell’s Tilt-A-Whirl.  1,206 more words

Kristen Lamb

Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers---Hmmm, Think Again

We’ve been talking a lot about social media lately and I am always grateful for your comments and thoughts. This kind of feedback not only helps me improve my blog, but my also books, because I get a glimpse of your worries, weaknesses, fears, loves, and strengths. 2,165 more words

Kristen Lamb

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I find social media exciting as a writer - to instantly be able to connect with a whole community of other writers and readers in such an instant is very rewarding for me. Although it can take up a bit too much time - especially when I'm at the final edit stage of a book and not in the creative throes of it. I know it's not every writer's cup of tea though - which this blog addresses very well.

Why Writers Should Use Twitter (and HOW to USE It Effectively)

For the last couple posts, we’ve been talking about how to use Twitter effectively. Too many writers are like Stormtroopers—lots of shots fired  tweets that hit NOTHING. 1,497 more words

Kristen Lamb

The Art of Business & The Business of Art---Breaking Rules to Reveal Our Audience

There are a lot of fabulous blogs and books on business, especially for writers. How to promote, do a tour, switch an algorithm, etc. But, I tend to be a broad strokes kind of gal. 2,693 more words


My First Year of Blogging & Social Media As A Writer

Just over a year ago, I discovered my debut poetry collection, How To Lose Your Home & Save Your Life, would be published in 2014, and the news scared the crap out of me. 1,316 more words


Can you use social media wisely?

My short answer is yes – if you choose – and this is an example of how…

I’m currently working on edits for the first book of my Nine Lives Trilogy – and I managed to get myself in a bit of a pickle. 271 more words

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