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Careful at the Social Media Minefield avoiding usually Biggest Entrepreneur Mistakes

Beware of the social media bloopers! Entrepreneurs must be careful at treading the minefield called Social Media. It gets virtually real in there! Social mistakes can lead to face palms so bad that you may need to take a hike from your page for some days .. Click Here

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Social Media Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Career

In this day and age, nearly everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. People regularly share photos, status updates and information about their lives on the Internet. 144 more words

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Don't Play the Social Media Blame Game

Do a Google search on blaming social media and you’ll find over 5.6 million results. They range from social media being blamed for your bad mood  609 more words

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Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make Too Often

I’ve noticed a few common & easy to fix mistakes that many businesses are making when it comes to social media. Here’s are 3 easy to fix, social media mistakes businesses are making too often. 219 more words

The Other Social Media Blunders

In my last article, I talked a bit about the burden that companies have with social media and the tight rope that must be balanced between staying active on their pages. 542 more words


Social media mistakes and how to avoid them

Perhaps the quickest way to lose social media followers (or never gain them in the first place) is by being, well, incredibly annoying. How do you measure up? 63 more words

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10 Common Social Media Mistakes (And Their Good Solutions)

If you want to minimize the number of social media mistakes you and your business make, here are ten lessons you can learn from others’ trial and error:

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