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Social Media Get The Right Stuff To India's Flood Victims

Waters rose as high as two and three stories in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. People were trapped. They needed supplies, and #jkfloodrelief came to the rescue.


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Want to improve your personal brand®? Hire a guru for a perfect Twitter bio

Writing a social media bio is a kind of work, and it requires a skillset that many of us dont have Continue reading…


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Social media boundaries: Should teachers and students be 'friends'?

Should teachers and students be friends of the Facebook variety? Should they text, tweet, snap or ‘gram each other?Parents want to know where the boundaries should be when it comes to educators and students using technology to communicate.Tara Paige feels fine about digital communication.


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Learn the Science of When to Post on Facebook and Twitter

Social media is as much an art form as it is an ongoing science experiment. Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is a key determining factor in the success of virtually every update, tweet or post.


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Business Owners Share Their Frustrations With Social Media

Unlike the other members of the business group, Susan Parker of Bari Jay, a dressmaker, retains an outside agency to manage her company’s social media use.


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Social media growing as a crime-fighting tool

One officer said some people even put their illegal activities on social media, which makes it easy for the public or the police to find.


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