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Busy week sees a flurry of verified and dubious material online

It has been a very busy week for Thai social media with many topics being discussed and shared.


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The Season for Social-Media Self-Loathing

One of the funniest items to wash up on the shores of my social-media beaches over the last week was the case of Bridget and her hostile Christmas cards. 26 more words

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Social media 'still a minorty interest' for UK accountants

BRITISH ACCOUNTANTS are increasingly engaging in social media, but the vast majority remain passive observers, a new survey reveals.


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Social media: The hostage that eluded Sydney siege gunman

SYDNEY – One hostage the Sydney siege gunman failed to take this week was social media.


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Counterfeiters targeting social media with fake goods

The ABC7 I-Team uncovered fakes in your Facebook feed and other social media sites. Criminals are using them to try to con you into buying counterfeit goods.


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4 Free Must-Use Analytics Tools for Social-Media Marketers

Businesses can get a clear picture of how users are interacting with their posts to gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn't.


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