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"Humans of New York" a window to the world

The very act of observing something changes it.

Brandon Stanton, the 30-year-old photographer behind the Humans of New York blog, experiences this daily. The formula is simple: he walks up to strangers, takes their portraits, asks a few questions and documents the interaction. 154 more words

Social Media Trends

How Behaviors Drive The Customer Experience

Heightening your customer’s experience (CX) takes knowledge and experience to deal with difficult and unpredictable acts of customer behaviors ~ Oracle.com

Not always easy at first to re-direct customers unpredictable acts and difficulties without going through some of your own unpredictable and difficult experiences ~

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Social Media Trends

Myspace: apparently on the rise (again?)

After a quick Google search about social media trends, I found Forbes’ prediction of what the top seven social trends will be for the second half of the 2014 year. 252 more words

Drink and Get Driven : A Campaign to Address Drunken Driving

Digital Media comes up with new and awesome campaigns each day. This time we come across a campaign where a brand shows its concerns for the general public and prevent road accidents after being drunk. 92 more words

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The mobile web usage - Will it surpass the desktop use ?

“Mobile-first” is an often-empty term — like “viral,” “native” and “social” — that’s thrown around without much thought into what it really means. Mobile is a foundation, not a feature. 309 more words

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Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015- Valuable Insights

It is hardly a ground-breaking statement to say that marketing has undergone more changes in recent years than it has in the preceding hundred. 984 more words

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