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Drink and Get Driven : A Campaign to Address Drunken Driving

Digital Media comes up with new and awesome campaigns each day. This time we come across a campaign where a brand shows its concerns for the general public and prevent road accidents after being drunk. 92 more words

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The mobile web usage - Will it surpass the desktop use ?

“Mobile-first” is an often-empty term — like “viral,” “native” and “social” — that’s thrown around without much thought into what it really means. Mobile is a foundation, not a feature. 309 more words

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Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015- Valuable Insights

It is hardly a ground-breaking statement to say that marketing has undergone more changes in recent years than it has in the preceding hundred. 995 more words

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Thoughts On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Being a soon-to-be Media Studies student and an avid social media addict user, it has come to my attention that a flood of ice bucket challenges performed by friends, celebrities and public figures has been drowning out my usual Facebook feed of life hacks, humorous animals and… 636 more words


Why Are We All Getting Up In Arms Over the Ice Bucket Challenge

So I’ve already let you guys know that I don’t think too highly of Facebook. The past week Facebook has been even more annoying than usual and it’s all because of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 422 more words


Strike Out ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The power of social media never fails to amaze me. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or never go on the internet (if that’s true and you found me, I’m honored and confused), the ALS Association started a campaign in an attempt to raise awareness for ALS, and it has gone viral. 320 more words

10 Social Media Facts that will give you a real surprise!

Social media is extremely popular in today’s world. There is a social media platform for basically anything you can think of. Want to keep in touch with friends? 87 more words

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