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No One Believes Your Inspirational Quotes

Why do people mask their true identities? With the rise of social media, false advertising has become more prevalent.  The animal activist, who wears leather, and eats meat.  713 more words

Web Wednesday: Instagram


INSTAGRAM! Who doesn’t have or know about instagram. For those who are still living in the stone ages, Instagram is a social media app where you share pictures of yourself & world. 60 more words

Yearning for Social Change

People have a right to demand what is meant to be theirs.

When areas in North Africa and the Middle East burst out with a sudden will to demand basic human rights to be granted during the beginning of 2011, there is no doubt that the outset, organisation, development and the success of the Arab Spring relied greatly on the use of certain widely-used social media organs, such as Facebook and Twitter. 281 more words

It's nearly 20 years since we started our advertising agency

Wanna join us?

The only criterion is that you were staff, supplier or client.  But friends will be welcome too.

Sign up here or email me.   8 more words


Retail Brands Have Gotten on Board--With Pinterest

Guess where many of these top retail brands are hanging out in terms of social media? That’s right, Pinterest!

The reason that these top-dog retailers are attracted to Pinterest is due to the fact that customers, both existing and prospects, love to look at images and commenting on them. 217 more words

Social Media Marketing

Travel with GoGoBot

How many “apps” do you have on your phone? Me, I have around 25 applications on my phone. Is that a lot, I think so, however according to a data analysis done by Statista using data from Google’s Our Mobile Planet, I have downloaded the average amount of apps a Smartphone user will download. 386 more words


10 apps which will make you think "What am I doing with my Life"

Some Applications are so good, they’re bad. Bad for your mental sanity but we find ourselves addicted to them anyway mostly for a week…no!hold on..a Month… 596 more words