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Balada Dinda

Beberapa waktu yang lalu hampir semua akun socmed, media cetak dan elektronik ramai membahas status Path seorang perempuan yang bernama Dinda, yang curhat tentang kekesalannya terhadap para ibu hamil yang (menurut dia) manja karena selalu minta dikasihani dan minta tempat duduk. 814 more words


Can you relate? ;)

There is always this pressure from society to use your smartphones even when you don’t need to. Are we using social media productively? Or are we using it for the mere purpose of fitting in?

Selfies and Intimacy

For my final blog post, I would like to discuss an article that talks about the use of the selfie after sex and how it affects the intimacy in people’s relationships. 403 more words

Sex And Intimacy

How important is your Digital Footprint?

Now more than ever it’s important to have a presence in social networking circles as a business person or educator.  Todays students interact, socialize, conspire, share, collaborate and connect with their peers without the restraint of distance or time.   248 more words


The Immortality that is Social Media and the Internet

I have a number of social media accounts for various reasons. I have a Facebook account which I keep as private as possible and this is for my friends and family. 689 more words


How To Manage Facebook Privacy For The Entire Family

by Kelly Clay

A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out yet another layout of Timeline, causing a brief uproar from Facebook users. While most people settled down in a few days, those concerned with privacy noted that the new design explicitly made finding privacy settings more difficult than ever. 581 more words