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Best Mobile App for Business’s on the Go

By Nancy Ice | @nancyice | July 26, 2014

For those of us who depend on mobile devices, mobile applications have become an intricate part of our daily lives. 370 more words

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Maryland State Delegate – District 04 - Primary Results

Here are the results of the Primary Election on June 24th

Comments: Gene Stanton was the only Democrat running so he moves on to the next round. 181 more words


Wheelchair-Bound Justin Bieber Cut All the Lines at Disneyland

Justin Bieber demanded to be pushed around a children’s theme park in a wheelchair for almost no reason last Sunday. Bieber was spotted around Disneyland taking pictures with fans while seated in a borrowed wheelchair in which he was pushed around by handlers. 124 more words

The modern era of emotional escapism

“I was reading my horoscope the other day and it said a relationship could start with someone with a name beginning with T. I laughed to myself because ironically, I met someone a few months ago called Tatsuya. 556 more words


Proliferation of new online communications services poses hurdles for law enforcement | Washington Post

Federal law enforcement and intelligence authorities say they are increasingly struggling to conduct court-ordered wiretaps on suspects because of a surge in chat services, instant messaging and other online communications that lack the technical means to be intercepted. 71 more words

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Days In The Design Studio

Thank you to all of you who have read and liked my blog, or followed my Twitter or have thrown out a like or share on… 112 more words

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Stream of Consciousness 010

The good news is that I got pretty well caught up with all my comments. I have figured out a method. Lunch breaks are for blog comments. 322 more words