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Is creativity worth it in business?

Let me put forth this idea, OK.

Creativity has a place in the business world, even in the digital marketing world. Every day, new applications, new information products, new widgets, and fresh ideas burst upon the scene from the brightest minds (brighter than mine, that’s for sure!) around the world. 372 more words

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Making a Twitter Bot to Track followers

As I am currently on holiday, I decided to get out my Raspberry Pi and come up with a project. In the end, I decided to make an application using Twython that checks whether someone has recently followed or unfollowed me on Twitter. 1,127 more words


Let ME clear my...

I am all about full disclosure and the truth of the matter is…

I have something to say :)

I created this blog to allow opinions and topics of any nature to come up. 91 more words



Take a pill, lay down!
A prozac would be the best choice
but, anything is fine
as long as you…
don’t post it on facebook… 95 more words