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INSTA-GUIDE—things every instagrammer should know

I had my account on private at first. But now it’s public, and it’s more fun that way.
Here’s some tips if you are an Instagram noob, or wondering why you only got ten likes in the last five minutes (I was totally not mocking the selfie song.) 665 more words



Ello is a new social network that boasts a simple and elegant design, and has been dubbed by some the “anti-facebook” because it chooses to carry no advertisements or sell data to third parties. 129 more words

Dunkin' Donuts Contest On Twitter for Consumer Engagement

Dunkin’ Donuts has rolled out Twitter Contest for Consumer Engagement that requires users to Tweet the predictions of the game with hashtag #DDfieldpass to win an all expenses paid trip, Coffee for an year and weekly rewards. 353 more words

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Your greatest ideas of 5 years ago are now your baggage

Are we stuck with ideas that no longer serve us?

Have we become so much part of the woodwork that we have lost sight of the forest we are within? 264 more words

Rich Simmonds

The next cliche business term: "Storytelling"

Is it just me or is the term storytelling starting to lose the shimmer it once had? Case studies are being packaged as stories and we are virtually adding “once upon a time” in front of a list of feature sets all in the spirit of being better “storytellers”. 516 more words

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100,000 Facebook Likes: Thank You For Your Trust


It’s such an important word in our lives. It’s the foundation of many relationships, whether they are of a business or personal nature. In insurance, trust is crucial. 485 more words

Life Insurance

If Social Media Platforms Were Cats...[INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s no denying that cats rule the Internet. Everywhere you look, whether it’s Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, or your grandmother’s latest email message, images and videos of cats make up a significant portion of the content we consume online. 67 more words