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#newhere on #diaspora

What to do when you first get to a #diaspora #pod, or more specifically my beloved https://shrekislove.us pod? I found just the thing for you folks wishing to jump in and wanting to have a good time on any pod. 44 more words


This Week’s Winners and Losers of Social Media

This week’s Social Media Winners and Losers have a special focus on MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) and the Twitterverse’s top stories.  From bagels to Beyoncé, this week highlighted what a smart, simple and well-edited social media presence can do for a brand. 757 more words


Hi lovelies!

SO APPARENTLY WE’RE AT 700 FOLLOWERS. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Since I’m absolutely terrible at checking my stats, it took me a monstrously long time to figure that out, but finally my friend clued me in and just ASDFGHJKL; I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.  203 more words


Are you a good blogger?

Blog (a truncation of the expression web log)

A discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). 1,008 more words

Best Practice

Stupid Genesis

I just submitted a commentary to a newspaper on this subject of technology. This is suppose to be the “information age.” We are supposed to be the most intelligent of any other generation and that makes me laugh. 594 more words

A sunset, a dog, and a picture of my big, old head that really shows how pretty my eyes are...

After our dinner with the sharks and our walk around that fancy resort, we took the dog to her favorite dog beach… just in time to watch the sun set… 294 more words


How Social Media Silences Debate

Hmm…maybe this is why I’ve never been a good fit for Facebook or Twitter. My feeds were always full of a cross between 1) Pro war zealots with weird fundie religious beliefs, and 2) Obamanauts who think he is a good president because his name isn’t Bush and he has a D after his name.