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Hello all please go in this site and spread it lot….

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Be a MAN

Oh! Man. People all across the country believe that being born as a woman is a curse. They have to do the household work daily, are pressurized for marriage and handling their children. 733 more words


Horn NOT OK Please

If you just go out and walk on the roads you will be astonished to realize the fact that one can never drive without honking. In India, people care less about the engine and more about the horns, giving a pretty excuse of other people’s safety. 375 more words


Kat's pregnant

Amazing compilation video by actual pregnant lady’s sister. amazing reactions..


Why is the fourth monkey relevant today?

I recently published my first book of poetry titled, ‘The Fourth Monkey: Poetry With A Purpose,’ and a couple of my friends and relatives asked me why I decided to name it as such. 511 more words

Ancient Lore

About media

મીડિયા એટલે એક એવું માધ્યમ જે કોઈપણ સ્થળે બનેલી વિગતો ને દરેક જણ સુધી પહોચતી કરે. આવું પ્રાથમિક ધોરણે વિચારી શકાય. ખરેખર માં મીડિયા નો ઈતિહાસ શું છે એ કદાચ કોઈ ને ખ્યાલ નહિ હોય અને હશે તો પણ ઓછા લોકો હશે.

Social Message

The Wrath of Nature

Taking out a leaf from his waist belt,

The wisdom rich sage said it’s time.

She will make the mountains melt,

Disrupting everything like a mighty mime. 236 more words