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David Brooks' Cheap Shot at Teachers

David Brooks can be infuriating… and this morning’s column was a case in point. In an essay that dealt with the need for police unions to be more flexible in dealing with disciplinary issues, he threw in this superfluous sentence: 237 more words

King Leaves, Nothing Changes

When John King, NYS’s “reform” commissioner announced he was leaving last week, the reaction among most progressive educators was one of relief and hope. But as the events of the past week indicate, the hope for a change in direction was misplaced because, as the  555 more words

Social Mobility: Stanmore to Stratford (Trial run)

How can a space be socially mobile? In order to find out I decided to ride around on the underground system with a camera and sound recorder, whilst trying not to look too suspicious. 362 more words

Goodbye NCLB and RTTT. Hello Privatization.

After the Republicans swept into office a month ago, it is now clear that both NCLB and RTTT are going to be eliminated AND there will be an increase in the maximum amount available for Pell grants AND the incoming House Education Committee leader is pledging full funding for special education. 319 more words

Double Standard


In this op-ed Ross Douthat continues his occasional reflections on the sexual revolution and its impact on class divisions. I think he puts his finger on something fundamental. 586 more words


The Privatization of York City Schools

AlJazeera America posted an article describing the pending recommendation of the State-appointed “Chief Recovery Officer” to turn all York City schools over to for-profit charters. This action was made possible by enabling legislation passed during Governor Thomas Corbett’s soon-to-be-concluded term, legislation that effectively turned the entire operation of “failing” school districts over to the State. 237 more words

Charter Logic Exposed

Diane Ravitch provided a link to David Katz’ blog post that was an extended reaction to a NYTimes Room For Debate” feature posing the question “Are Charter Schools Cherry Picking Students?” One of the respondents, Mike Petrilli, the Executive Director of the Thomas Fordham Foundation, concluded his brief essay on this topic with this insight into the thinking of charter advocates: 445 more words