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Are you talented? Well, how like soccer is your profession?

Sport, in particular soccer in England, can shed some light on how important individual talent is to success in different careers.

For more than a generation the England soccer team has been ethnically mixed. 920 more words


Savage Writing: Beyond Luxury

Last meet’s topic was puns and I was not in the right mindset for humour. This week’s topic was “What are you talking about?”, read by another person. 1,237 more words


Child Care, Prekindergarten and Vouchers

Today’s editorial praising the bi-partisan Child Care bill reinforced my notion that preschool programming is a vehicle for getting vouchers into schools… and that both the neo-liberals and conservatives are on the same page on the privatization movement. 301 more words

Charters, Tracking, Real Estate, and Re-Segregation

Two recent articles illustrate how charter schools and tracking amplify the trend of re-segregation in public schools, a trend that is tied inextricably to zip codes. 997 more words

Your name can keep you on top of society for 28 generations

Thomas Piketty got a lot of attention, both good and bad, for his latest book. If you’ve never read it (admittedly, I have not either), the central idea is that, in capitalist economies, wealth will  512 more words

Fundamental Explainers

This is the proof that the 1% have been running the show for 800 years

A family’s status in society can persist for eight centuries or more, according to a new study by two economists using the educational status and surnames in England between 1170 and 2012. 415 more words

Its ALL About The Money

Yes friends. Despite what Jessie J said, the reports are in and it seems that it is all about the money.

For example, did you know that in modern Britain… 312 more words

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