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Unemployment May Be Down, But Unpaid Internships Keep Underemployment Up

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I would like to congratulate the Conservative government for the latest figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) identifying that unemployment has fallen 6.2% since 2008, the largest drop since 1984. 912 more words


Social Media - Power shifts and Oppotunities

““You are what you share.”  ― C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

The Rise of the Individual

“With the development of social media, the Internet is now an empowering tool that allows the common man to produce, share and access information at an unprecedented rate. 491 more words


Schooling is Now a Commodity

Why Federal Ratings Wont Rein in College Cost”, the Upshot column by Susan Dynarski in today’s NYTimes, asserts that the proposed USDOE college rankings won’t have an appreciable impact on the spiraling costs of college. 391 more words

Fenno's Paradox and Schools

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell’s recent column, “Actually Public Schools are Getting Better, Not Worse”, describes a political science phenomenon known as “Fenno’s Paradox”: 373 more words

A week of links

Links this week:

  1. The Genetic Genealogist responds to Vox’s tabloid piece on genetic testing.
  2. Attempts to correct false claims often entrench them – the backfire effect.
  3. 84 more words

Educational Mobility Low in the United States

Educational mobility is quite low in the US, where the majority of people attain the same level of education as their parents, or worse. In other words, most people from uneducated families stay that way and vice versa.

–from The Economist


Where You Live Effects How You Do in School

Thomas Edsall’s NYTimes op ed piece poses the question “Does Moving Poor People Work?”, and the bottom line answer is “Yes BUT…”

In the article Edsall reviews several longitudinal studies involving the effects of relocating poverty stricken families from public housing. 497 more words