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The Dalai Lama, Capitalism, and Schools

One of the most emailed articles today is “Capitalism and the Dalai Lama” by Arthur C. Brooks of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. While Brooks did not make a direct inquiry into the Dalai Lama’s views of schools, some of the Dalai Lama’s responses to his questions underscore the failings of the US brand of capitalism. 356 more words

Post-16 funding: making the wrong choices

I agree with quite a lot of what Michael Gove says about the purpose of education and I like his championing of egalitarian aims. I welcome the fact that he has moved the Conservative party away from selection pre-16. 645 more words


Privatization = More Inequality

A post in the  Angry Bear blog, described as a “Slightly left of center economic commentary on news, politics and the economy”, describes how the emergence of Private Public Partnerships (P3) contribute to inequality by rewarding the oligarchs who can afford to make the private investments and effectively penalizing the consumers who pay increased fees for formerly public services. 181 more words

The Son Also Rises.

The Marxists are right: Something “looking suspiciously like social class” still exists. However it is not a result of the “capitalist mode of production” that could be eliminated through revolution. 142 more words


A Question for Washington DC.

Two articles in two different publications led me to this question: If we managed to find BILLIONS of dollars to bail out the banks, who now have money to dig costly tunnels to make money that provides no value to the economy, why can’t we find money to connect ALL students to the internet? 526 more words

The Case for Daycare in Schools

The map below vividly illustrates why schools should provide child care for working parents. It shows that in 31 states it costs more to provide infant care at a child care center than it costs to pay tuition and fees at a public college. 140 more words

Kristoff Stumbles

“Where the GOP Gets it Right”, Nick Kristoff’s column today in the NYTimes gets it wrong when it comes to analyzing public education. In identifying areas where the GOP’s policy analysis is correct, he writes: 487 more words