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Infrastructure Matters

The recent flood at UCLA caused by a broken 93-year old underground pipe SHOULD be a wake up call for legislators across the country: our infra-structure is breaking and we need need to spend money to upgrade it as soon as possible. 133 more words

Expect More: It's Easy, Fast and Cheap!

David Leonard’s Upshot article in today’s NYTimes describes the results from a recent study completed by Andreas Schleicher, the director of education and skills research at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the group that brought us the PISA test. 423 more words

Where We're Headed

Myrtle Beach Online posted an editorial from the Los Angeles Times with the chilling title “Children in the United States Get an Unequal Education; That’s Unfair But Unlikely to Change in the Future”. 386 more words

Post-16: education’s wild frontier

Sixth form education in England has become the wild frontier for selection and marketisation with a plethora of new providers, whether 11-18 academies or 16-18 free schools trying to outdo each other in setting ever more exclusive entry requirements and competing for the most qualified students.  1,583 more words


Here's a pretty legitimate United States cost of living map (Honolulu, New York and San Jose are expensive)

From an article on CityLab about how cost-of-living really mostly means cost-of-your-rent:

This is based on RPP, or Regional Price Parity. That’s a weighted statistic that tracks the different price levels of things like food, housing, etc. 524 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Liberty vs Compassion

I read a recent Huffington Post essay titled “Koch High: How the Koch Brothers are Buying Their Way Into the  Minds of Public School Students” with a combination of revulsion, horror, and fascination. 905 more words

Gove's removal means the election was put above education

During his time as Education Secretary, Michael Gove would often quote a passage of Machiavelli: ‘There is nothing more difficult, more doubtful of success or more dangerous than to initiate a new order of things. 772 more words