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Change from the bottom up

I suffer from a mental fragility: some might call it low-level depression.  There’s always something standing between me and contentment.  I think this feeling is pretty common.  548 more words

Russell Brand

Childhood Poverty at "Obscene Levels"

Charles Blow’s NYTimes column today deals with childhood poverty, a topic that has been the subject of scores of posts on this blog. Drawing statistics and quotes from “Ending Child Poverty Now”, a recently released report from the Childhood Defense Fund, Blow calls on us to reduce the “obscene level of childhood  poverty”. 514 more words

The Golden Arches Come to Public Education

NPR’s Anna Kamenetz recently gave a report on a study completed by NOLA school choice by the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans suggesting that parent choice doesn’t always play out the way “free market” advocates think it will. 561 more words

The Disappearing Middle Class and Burgeoning School Population in Poverty

Over the past several days, several articles cited a the Southern Education Foundation report indicating that more than half of the students in public schools qualify for free and reduced lunches. 589 more words

Economic Outlook: Business Tax Reform is a Social Justice Issue

Since President Obama’s SOTU address, the term “middle class economics” has penetrated mainstream political discourse. These were not all new ideas, but rather a catchy phrase to sum up the priorities of the Obama administration and provide direction for the Democratic party going forward. 1,496 more words

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This Just In: Spending More For Schools DOES Matter

In a study that was cited in many articles over the past few days, economists C. Kirabo Jackson, Rucker Johnson and Claudia Persico report that spending more for schools makes a difference…  264 more words

Blackstone Group CEO Takes Hypocrisy to New Levels

International Business Times reporter David Sirota posted a story on January 23 about a speech given at Davos by Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, a report that seemed so far fetched that I needed to make certain it was not from a satirical source. 382 more words