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Being Dyslexic - The Elephant in the Room

There’s an idiom “the elephant in the room” that means “an important and obvious topic, which everyone present is aware of, but which isn’t discussed, as such discussion is considered to be uncomfortable,” and that seems particularly apt about the topic of being dyslexic. 187 more words

Being Dyslexic

Social Movement: Idea + Colaboration + Suistainabilty

By: Mahfud Achyar, Indonesia

Gerakan sosial (social movement, Eng) adalah gerakan yang dilakukan oleh suatu kelompok atau organisasi yang secara spesifik berfokus pada isu-isu sosial untuk mengubah suatu keadaan menjadi lebih baik lagi dibandingkan kondisi sebelumnya. 305 more words

Human Interest

Climate Change is a Scary Ghost?

By: Mahfud Achyar, Indonesia

Climate change is one of the defining issue of our era. Many people talking about Climate Change on seminar, talkshow, confrences, and so on. 646 more words

Human Interest

Fasten Your Seat Belts! We're Moving Domains!!!

I wanted to give you one last notice that we’re switching the primary domain name of WE LOVE US to http://weloveus.global instead of weloveus.org.  If you have us bookmarked you will be automatically redirected, BUT! 201 more words

Conscious Evolution

Freedom of Speech and Terrorism

See Here: The story in this article is about two teenagers. One of them is 16 years old and posted a cartoon on facebook of someone holding Charlie Hebdo and being shot, with the slogan that CH doesn’t stop bullets. 841 more words

Social Movement

Your Voice, Your Stand

By Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

Silence is golden, yet what does it mean to be silent and what does it mean to be silenced? It is important that we clarify the difference, because one does exists between these often interchangeable words. 737 more words