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#SelfieNoMore: A Think Piece on the Youth Part 2

How to take the #Selfie

A Step-by-Step Guide in Capturing the Selfie

Indulge in the vanity.

It’s time to stop to be in awe or in doubt of this new media. 4,321 more words


Witnessed a protest (1st, July) against changing Constitution in Tokyo

好像我不管出行去哪裡都會遇到市民遊行。在維也納時遇到罷工遊行,在伊斯坦布爾遇到佔領蓋齊公園(Taksim Gezi Park)的抗議運動,這次在東京又撞到民眾在首相官邸前抗議憲法解釋改憲。(同一天香港也進行了大規模的預演佔中)



because I said I would

Last month, a story about a man volunteering to drive intoxicated strangers home from a night out went completely viral. Alex Sheen went to the busiest bar in his Ohio neighbourhood, holding up a sign that offered free rides home to any drinkers as a way to promote the dangers of drunk driving. 194 more words

Social Movement or Carnival?

The public open space in modern society is not only occupied by cultural events and economic activities, but also expected as the political domain where activists suppose to do different serious protests for improving the society. 263 more words

Island Beacon: New Hope for Taiwan

Written by Koo Kuan-Min

Without the Service Trade Agreement, even if the profits of a select few suffer, Taiwan will be just fine.

The present occupation of the Legislative Yuan has already moved the hearts of people throughout Taiwan and around the world.

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Commodity fetishism & mobilizing fantasy

“These are dreams that present themselves as dreams, and insofar as they are transparent there is a reality to them which commercial fantasies do not have. 179 more words

Pass on the Positivity: My Plan to Fight Thoughts of Negativity

I believe that instead of spreading negativity that can lead to negative thoughts, spreading positive messages can impact your own happiness as well as the mental well being of others. 279 more words

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