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Book Review: Spreading Protest

Donatella della Porta and Alice Mattoni (eds.), Spreading Protest. Social Movements in Times of Crisis (Colchester, United Kingdom: ECPR Press, 2014). 324 pp., €74,00 (hardback), ISBN: 9781910259207. 1,009 more words


My Story at VICE: How Social Media Can Weaken A Revolution

For Motherboard, I wrote about the dark side of social media, and how it may undermine protest movements in the long run.

Following Evgeny Morozov’s pivotal and persuasive The Net Delusion, (the book equivalent of a weekend’s worth of Snapchats from your friend Eddie Snowden) Tufekci illustrates how governments are subverting communication tools with overt repression and shrewd finesse, embodying all those high school essays juxtaposing Orwell’s vision of the future with Huxley’s.


Felix Padel has a poser on development

HYDERABAD, January 29, 2015

Are social movements anti-development? Or do they exemplify the real essence of the term?

Is equitable distribution of natural resources the real meaning of development? 171 more words

Social Movements

240 students of Regional Institute of Education on hunger strike

Students of the Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Mysore have intensified their agitation seeking University Grants Commission (UGC) recognition for their courses, by launching a hunger strike on the institute premises on Tuesday. 123 more words


Can Syriza change the austerity status quo in Europe?

For the first time in Europe’s post-WWII history, a radical leftist party has taken the reigns of government in opposition to mainstream center-left and center-right coalitions that traditionally dominate the electoral sphere. 797 more words

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Social Movements


This group exists so people can come together as a unity and create peace with one another through the power of art. This art includes but is not limited to: music, visual arts, design, creative writing, movement, theater, environmental, crafts, textiles, culinary arts, etc. 141 more words