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There would be no INC without the Holy Mother Church

The below information has been going the rounds on Facebook for days in light of the coming centennial of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s registration (yes, you read that right: registration, not foundation). 670 more words

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What the modern world has done to love.

As I was sitting in my bedroom, channelling my inner hipster by listening to Cher, on my oh so new vintage vinyl player, I made the comparison: Love is like a vinyl player or more so, the process to love is much like a vinyl player. 450 more words


Facebook valued higher than IBM?

Yesterday Facebook with its stock soaring to new heights, exceeded IBM in terms of market value. This morning, it’s slightly less (IBM at $194B vs Facebook at $193B). 348 more words

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Gendrr: The new social network

By Alex, with thanks to interviewee Kay Leacock.

The nonbinary community in the UK has really taken off recently, with many much-needed resources and campaigns being developed. 638 more words

Instagram Part 1 – Get To Know Instagram

Instagram is a popular free app for iPhone and Android that is part photo-editing app and part social media app. This app has capitalized on the increasing use of the smartphone as a primary camera for many people. 411 more words

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Police launch new ‘999Haters’ service to combat trolls

Now that over 50% of UK policing is focused on social media complaints, senior officers are set to invest in a first response system to combat internet ‘meanness’, aggressive emoticons and anyone ‘dissing Kanye West’. 317 more words