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EP is so stupid. I should have left there ages ago…

I’m really annoyed… And suicidal… I know that’s retarded but they really piss me off. 247 more words

Tweet, Facebook and Blog are the new Snap, Crackle and Pop

Social networking is not exclusively for the young. In my experience older users have a lot to gain from new ways of keeping in touch. When so many people live alone, often far away from relatives, social networking keeps people connected. 120 more words

The Laboratory or The Library?

Using social media has always involved a vague recognition that the platform (and the company behind it) will be using the user right back. Usually this understanding has involved a notion of the way that user information is packaged and sold off to advertisers, but of late it seems that social media users are being put to a different sort of use. 1,922 more words


When you don't answer any of your mom's calls.

Recently something EXTREMELY terrifiying happend to me.

Lets begin this truely horrifiying TRUE story that happend to me.

I was just sitting on the couch watching TV, minding my own buisness when suddenly my phone starts ringing. 211 more words

Totally Random

Pepe Alas on ANC Shop Talk (video)

Just a few minutes after I published this blog’s fifth anniversary special last July 18 (my 35th birthday, and it’s not yet too late to send me gifts), … 142 more words

Social Networking

Cons of Social Networking

In today’s society, it’s very seldom that you’ll find completely self sufficient individuals in the world. Communication is a key element to human existence, however, social networking has dulled today’s society to effectively interact in face to face situations. 93 more words

Change of Tune

I have changed the website around a bit, It is still subject to change. In the end I went for green and blue.

I have also made a new logo, let me know what you think… 83 more words