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URL Smoker

These days it more than ever so present that you see cigarettes in photos. It is not a new trend, no. That we all know. But the thing that concerns me are the motives behind the photos. 711 more words


"I'm Just Saying..":: Should She Propose?

I’m pretty sure your social network news feed is beginning to look very similar to mine. Pictures of proposals, relationship status updates, and wedding are beginning to flood my timeline. 311 more words

"I'm Just Saying.."

Comedy Central Launches Improv Sketch Show Based on Viewer Tweets

Comedy Central is looping fans into a virtual nightclub with short-form digital series “CC: Social Scene,” in which comics perform skits based on suggestions submitted via Twitter. 144 more words


OKCupid: We experiment on users too

Facebook isn’t the only Internet company to experiment on its users. On Monday, the popular dating web site OkCupid revealed that it, too, had toyed with its 30 million members. 557 more words


Journal article: Teaching International Relations with New Media

I’ve just published an article on teaching International Relations with new media in the German journal of IR, Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen.

My conclusion: 337 more words

Words: When do they hurt?

When you say things, be careful. When you write things, should you be? That’s the difference with expressing your emotions on social networking sites and blogs. 301 more words

Have romantic comedies become obsolete?

By Wesley Morris – Once upon a time, women in successful romantic comedies were warriors battling men. They fought for love, parity, and respect — to be taken seriously while wearing unserious hats. 104 more words

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