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Don't Drink And Facebook

From now on, you will not be able to share your craziest party moments with the world. Facebook has decided to end the reign of the extremely popular so-called drunk photos. 181 more words

Linkedin Made Easy

The book I read to research this post was Linkedin Made Easy by Linda Parkinson-Hardman which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. 242 more words


Hashtags Can Have Random Disruptive Powers

How do you define  hashtags?

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Brand Strategies

Ditch Facebook

When I was young, I remember listening to the dial-in internet connection before I could excitedly log on to msn messenger. Back then we only had one computer and I had to patiently wait for my sisters to finish before I had my turn. 909 more words


121814 fictitious connection


demons in the dark
red eyes glow green
with power
vibrate and hum their siren song
complete fictitious connection
patch me through the abyss… 26 more words