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The Next Big Thing?

A new, exclusive social network is perhaps on the verge of becoming Facebook’s next biggest threat. 438 more words

Social Networks

Online Social Networks

Nowadays, almost everyone uses online social networks. Many people present themselves through the use of these networks and stay in touch with their own network of friends, family and acquaintances. 598 more words

Media Musings

I had challenged myself to write every day. String together some words, something more substantive than a tweet or a status update, and practice the craft of writing. 1,037 more words

Reddit raises $50 million, to share the bounty with users

SAN FRANCISCO: Social news sharing site Reddit has announced it had raised $50 million from investors who agreed that, this time, members of its community would get a piece of the action. 341 more words

Social Networks

about online identity

Life online in web 2.0 tends to be a real time cloud storage of your life, a digital mirror of your everyday experience. Social media corporations owns your profile data in order to reshape the users’ path, and keep yourself connected with your physical-world-identity in the best way. 381 more words

Digital Communities

Of Corn and Campfire

Facebook, for me, is all about the photos. In our ADHD world, it is so much easier to “Like” a post if the wording is short, if it’s a viral video less than 2 minutes long, or a picture that is personal. 241 more words


Ello is a referendum on personal data-driven web advertising

Ello, the new buzzy social network that doesn’t show ads or collect personal data, isn’t just the latest fad for the cool kids, and asking how Ello will make money is the wrong question. 900 more words