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Keeping My Eye on the Ball...Er, Box

Not long ago, I was worried about having too few Christmas gifts for our daughter. More accurately, I was worried about her receiving too much for her birthday and Christmas from other family members and felt that the hubby’s and my hands were tied as to how many gifts we could/should get her for Christmas ourselves. 457 more words

Social Observation

A Lesson in (Geek) Etiquette

I inhabit a world of geeks. If you have not been confronted by the passion of the geek by now, I salute you, because we are one seriously fervent and animated bunch. 567 more words

Social Observation

Order vs. Chaos

The desks were perfectly aligned with the floor tiles, exactly equidistant from each other in the row and each row exactly equidistant from the next. The books and workbooks were stacked as if they were one smooth, even brick. 230 more words



 The Bus Ride.

The bus pulled up sharply and a young man stepped up and in.

The hydraulics announced his presence with a suppressed whisper. 370 more words

NaBloPoMo 2014 Day 12: Discussing the Other

Author’s Note: This is my latest article published by The Well Written Woman.

As I told the editors upon submission, I was working on this article a month ago and, then, it didn’t feel like the right time to publish it. 1,322 more words


I Weep For Healthcare Lost

I am not quite sure when it became a thing of the past, but I still have vague memories of going to the doctor when I was young and actually receiving competent service. 692 more words

Inner Dialogue

Disaster Waiting to Happen

Why am I so fascinated by disasters? I know that we as a people – an American people especially – have practically an addiction to such stories, but why… 363 more words