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Maybe It's the Pants

It’s the beginning of the cycling season for me, and as usual, I’m anxious to get outside to see the burgeoning blooms of Spring.  I am a warm weather person through and through, which is why I can’t ride if the temperature is below 70 degrees. 861 more words

Monday’s child eats nothing but chips

Tuesday’s is thick, cos school he skips

Wednesday’s child’s got three ASBOs

Thursday’s child likes rappin’ bout ho’s

Friday’s child on his X-box doth play… 25 more words



“Nice guy shakes a strangers hand outside post office. Other man’s hand stays closed tight trapping nice guys hand, refusing to let go. Police are called and they are taken to the ER. 78 more words

A Prisoner Just The Same

“A gilded cage is still a prison, no matter how pretty.”

Do you ever stop to think about all the personal prisons we place ourselves in? 486 more words

Inner Dialogue

The New "Middle Class"

I questioned who was benefiting from this shallow society we now live in. Pondered what the cushion between the haves and have-nots was, now that the middle class has all but disappeared. 517 more words

Inner Dialogue

Who's Actually Benefiting?

The common theme of many blog posts, conversations amongst friends and agitated news articles in small independent communications all seem to have a similar message. 270 more words

Inner Dialogue


Our Lives are eternal,

At least that’s the way that they’re lived.


Ross Ryan, Dancing  (1977)