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Under Construction

Nearly every road I drive is under construction – all of them widening. Even the finally-finished six-lane is adding a turning lane into one of the many new sets of apartments. 491 more words


In the land of mothballs and clothes hangers

It’s really exhausting being nonbinary, like you’ll go shopping and in the stores the cashiers will say “have a nice day ladies!” But you use up so much energy hating yourself three different ways and the rest of the world at least five, and you get so tired of not saying anything, and of being too scared and polite to say anything. 190 more words

Aeso's Adventures In Wonderland

Beauty Pageants, Bikinis and Babes

Did you know they have thongs for sale in the little girl’s clothing section? Two piece bathing suits for girl babies are a thing that exists and is encouraged. 230 more words


A Guide for the Purpose of Deterring Unwanted Conversational Partners

Sometimes, someone will wish to talk to you when you do not wish to talk to them. My solution is to be faultlessly polite, evasive, and condescending. 406 more words

Aeso's Adventures In Wonderland

Guest Post - Survival Of The Fittest

Base needs, primal fears and the society we have created that caters to one and denies the other. That is the topic of thought that has been swirling around in my head for the past couple of days. 903 more words