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Crucial Conversations

“There are moments of disproportionate influence, moments where how someone behaves has an enormous effect on every result they care about.” – Joseph Grenny, co-author of  543 more words

Personal Reflection

A Love-ly Shock

Why is it that we are shocked or astonished by acts of love? Why is it that we are surprised by those who show love and care to others, regardless of color, sex, orientation, politics, belief (or the lack thereof)? 488 more words


(Skirt Length) Hems and Haws

Author’s Note: My latest article published on The Well Written Woman – http://thewellwrittenwoman.com/skirt-length-hems-and-haws/#.VMZVSP7F_L8

In the almost thirty-two years of my life, I have worn pretty much every length of skirt there is, for differing reasons: religious, personal, style/fashion, artistic, cosplay, performance, etc. 1,177 more words

Personal Reflection

My Pie in the Sky Has a Burnt Crust

In a feel-good, team-building moment at a work meeting this week, the moderator finished by asking each of us around the conference table to share something positive about our recent holiday break. 436 more words


The Moment My Glorious Faded

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mother. We ducked into Victoria’s Secret to see if they were offering a special that she had heard advertised (she wanted the tote bag that came with the purchase special). 343 more words

Personal Reflection

Keeping My Eye on the Ball...Er, Box

Not long ago, I was worried about having too few Christmas gifts for our daughter. More accurately, I was worried about her receiving too much for her birthday and Christmas from other family members and felt that the hubby’s and my hands were tied as to how many gifts we could/should get her for Christmas ourselves. 457 more words

Social Observation

A Lesson in (Geek) Etiquette

I inhabit a world of geeks. If you have not been confronted by the passion of the geek by now, I salute you, because we are one seriously fervent and animated bunch. 567 more words

Social Observation