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Disaster Waiting to Happen

Why am I so fascinated by disasters? I know that we as a people – an American people especially – have practically an addiction to such stories, but why… 363 more words


i [don't] want chaos

a live conversation between the piratehorizon and dobetteralways on trifles such as chaos and related



DBA- Chaos, though enticing in many ways scares the shit out of me. 1,980 more words

the ballbuster

when the rally against racism and social inequalities is over  the crowd disperses and the guy and his girl walk hand in hand

they go to sit on the lawn of the park  too early to jump on the car and drive home  the sunset is there like a show for their eyes… 529 more words

Memo Received

When you are young they train you to speak well, to expand your lexicon. You are praised for having good grammar…collecting the gold stars like a pirate collects treasure. 223 more words

All That Needs Said

For the past few weeks, I have been working on an article, amidst a great deal of drama, anger, tears, etc. (yes, even my own), concerning my chosen subject. 384 more words

Social Observation

Pardon Me, Do You Have a Spare Life Jacket?

We each navigate the waters of life in different vessels, occasionally sharing a raft but often drifting aimlessly alone in a sea filled with others, also drifting…just looking for someone or something else to grab into.

the social sage

When a Good Start Just Isn't Enough - #HeForShe

Author’s Note: I am not an educated feminist, I would not survive the sort of quiz that Mia McKenzie posits in the second-to-last paragraph of her article, cited below. 1,018 more words

Social Observation