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Euthanasia In England


My Country has two houses in its Parliament.  The upper, non-executive, House of Lords used to be the the stomping ground of the Nobility, Law Lords, and Bishops.  542 more words


Polish: Cultural Cultivators of Cultured Curds

The Polish are a tireless people who ceaselessly strive to improve the status of their society by enacting numerous social policies. The pragmatism of the Polish pushed their efforts into prioritizing the comfort and well-being of its citizens above all else, making its cities some of the most desirable societies in the world. 939 more words

Story-Telling Sundays

Moonshine Reality

In my last post I joked about moonshine. The reality is quite different.

Moonshine is sometimes presented as a defiant protest against the government, which wants to tax everything fun and make a profit on it while soaking the common people. 358 more words

General Crankiness

The Last Accepted 'ism'

It can be argued that society is successfully tackling racism and sexism amongst other forms of prejudice. Well, in terms of the acceptability of explicitly expressed opinions at least. 446 more words

Ageing Populations

Accreditation for Me But Not for Thee

A recent article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, in which the author, Peter Conn, a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, took issue with the accreditation of certain kinds of Christian universities. 711 more words

Social Policy

Cheating in Atlanta and DC -- by adults

Brooklanders and other DC residents, have you ever wondered how and why adults at Noyes EC and elsewhere in DC ended up cheating on the high states standardized tests?  162 more words

Social Policy

Who protects the protectors? Social workers still ravaged by Baby P media storm

Guest blogger Ray Jones’ book, ‘The Story of Baby P – Setting the record straight‘ publishes today.  

Ray shares his thoughts on the impact that the media coverage of the ‘Baby P’ case had, and continues to have, on social workers. 714 more words

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