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10. Holden & Sons

Date: Tuesday 15th July – Duration: 12noon – 1.30pm - Participants: 5

Spent lunchtime having a very curious #curiousconversation. We've learnt a few things about the way we work, which we will share with you!— …

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8. Reason Digital

Date: Monday 14th July – Duration: 10am – 11am - Participants: 6

We're having a #curiousconversation with @cu1turesponge today about how we can #green…

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Sacrificed on the altar of fame

It is interesting that the media that markets celebrities can also demarket them when justice call for it. Human nature is sometimes so childish that it tends to place certain sick celebrities on par with mythical gods and goddesses. 96 more words

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7. El Capo

 Date: Monday 23rd June – Duration: 5.30-6.30pm - Participants: 4

6. Takk

Date: Monday 23rd June – Duration: 9-10.30pm - Participants: 1

Present RT @cu1turesponge #greeningtheNQ 9am today @takkmcr @NQGreening @ANewLeafMCR #curiousconversations wp.me/P4Ivub-h…

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5. Cord

Date: Friday 20th June – Duration: 5.30-6.30pm - Participants: 5

5/5.30pm @Cordbar how will you green the NQ with the tools you have on you?

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Understanding power: authority and coercion

In a couple of our previous posts we have contrasted leadership with ‘authority’ and ‘coercion’. But what are these exactly? What do we mean when we say that… 1,244 more words

The Social Identity Approach