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Detecting Social Power in Written Dialog

This semester, I’ll be working on a project at Columbia CCLS with Prof. Owen Rambow and Vinod Prabhakaran. It falls under the broad category of… 61 more words

Discourse Analysis

For the skeptics: If this ‘new psychology of leadership’ is so great, why are we only hearing about it now?

Heard promises like ours before? Talk of ‘solving’ the great leadership questions. Assurances of clarity in the face of an incoherent field.

Sure, you say. We’ve heard this before. 1,252 more words

Social Identity

Link to RC36

The link to the official website of IPSA RC36, the research committee dedicated to the study of power, is here.


Just the Facts, Ma'am

Asperger individuals are ‘put down’ for responding to the environment literally and are accused of black and white thinking. Black and White Thinking, as used by social humans, means that our defective brains are devoid of nuance, imagination or optimism.  310 more words