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A new way to measure progress

In the wake of the global financial crisis, countries are looking increasingly at ways beyond the purely economic to measure their progress. In this vein, a new way of looking at how we’re doing by assessing outcomes of social progress has ranked Canada as the world’s seventh most socially advanced nation overall and top of the G8. 157 more words

Social Progress

A century in measuring social progress

Gross domestic product (GDP) has dominated as a measure of national performance over the large part of past 100 years. But an intellectual debate has also raged over finding a better and more representative measure of assessing progress. 127 more words

Experts Against GDP

Tajikistan: some social progress; a distance to go to achieve wellbeing for all

I am impressed by the infographics used by the recently founded (2012) non-profit, The Social Progress Imperative. The Social Progress Index attempts to ‘measure the extent to which countries provide for the non-economic needs of their citizens’ 256 more words

Congrats Canada, we best U.S. by every measure (but one)

A new global ranking of countries makes Canada look pretty good compared to most other places – and even better when stacked up against the elephant to our south. 320 more words


The Virtue of Coveting

  • To not covet is to not desire.
  • To not desire is to not want.
  • To not want is to not attempt.
  • To not attempt is to not do.
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I feel so sorry for people who are not living in Detroit. — Grace Lee Boggs

We are pleased to present American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs… 371 more words