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Juking the stats - WordPress and social proof

Everyone with a basic science education knows that you cannot add quantities whose units do not match; you cannot add population to elevation, for instance, as the picture shows. 478 more words


Who's Talking About YOU? 3 Free (No Need to Sign up) Tools to Manage Your Small Business Reputation

So you’re a SmallBiz Monster who’s just getting started with digital marketing and you’re excited to get the word out about your small business. Well, guess what? 340 more words

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3 social proof techniques that signal donors to give more

It can be tricky to upgrade donors, but the truth is that most donors would probably give more if they’re asked with social proof.

According to… 416 more words

Non-Profits: Why Traditional Marketing Is Failing to Bring in Talent

As students and idealists, we’re presented with a choice as we break into the work force: profit or non-profit? There are other choices, yes, and often in this uncertain economy the choice is left to chance, but there’s a very visceral feeling we get in our gut as the more ambitious inevitably choose the for-profit route. 696 more words

Social Proof and The Law of Diffusion of Innovation: Why your Patreon Campaign isn't gaining ground.

You are a Patreon Campaigner! You built your page, created your intro video, created your rewards as well as your goals.

You hit “Launch”! Now what? 407 more words

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A Murmuration of Humans

How the Science of Herd Behavior Applies to Start ups – Part 1

Have you ever been fortunate enough to witness a flock, or murmuration of hundreds of Starlings mob the sky? 844 more words

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And They Flocked to the Valley in Droves

“It is not Greed that drives this world, it is Envy”

The bias of social proof is quite interesting. I will explain it simply by an example. 298 more words