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On -- Approval seeking behaviours

If a man fails to see your worth, ignore it.

You gain nothing by seeking the approval of fools. Time will prove the victor.

When he sees how you win the hearts of others, he too, as a fool, shall be won. 11 more words


Case Study Tips: 5 Examples of how not-to-waste your customer success stories (w/ best practices)

I love Customer Case Studies and Success Stories because they are one of the most effective content categories within content marketing. And for the purpose of this discussion case studies and success stories are one and the same since it is just a different terminology used by people. 2,127 more words

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Bloggers Are Biased When It Comes To Social Proof

There’s no shame in your game to admit that. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of  looking at a site for the first time and we shamelessly look to see what sort of Social Proof this blogger has. 460 more words

Where Words Gather

6 Ways Influence Can Get You Back on Track

For the past two months, I’ve spent every weekend as someone else. Not entirely an alter ego, but a 16th century version of myself. Season passes to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I learned, lead to a lot of fun, a little pain ( 663 more words

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Social Proof Marketing: 21 kick-ass social proof examples to boost your content marketing

Social proof is a terminology used to represent the herd mentality of human beings in a good way. There has been lots of research on the subject, but in simple terms – We all like to follow and do things that other people-like-us do. 2,564 more words

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Influence According to Mark Schaefer

 Mark Schaefer has become one of the top marketing experts over his career with a specific focus on social media marketing. Not only does he inform readers about social media, but how it can be used and how to really become successful using it. 568 more words

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