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Are You Blind?

Maybe the better question is what clouds your vision?

Do you get caught up in the gluttony of Thanksgiving dinner and endless hours of football on TV? 172 more words


No One Gives a Shit About You. AND IT'S AWESOME

I’ve been in recovery for 16 years and it never gets any easier.

My parents really thought they were doing the right thing when they enrolled me in the program, but nobody realized the effect that it would have on me for years. 842 more words


Secrets of SEO And What You Need To Do To Make Money Online

What You Need To Do To Make Money Online

The online world is awash with opportunity. Whether you decide to take advantage of that opportunity or let it slide past by you, depends on you. 508 more words

Use Case Studies To Become An Authority

A major goal of most marketers is to become an authority within their niche. Why? Because people trust, respect and make purchases from authority figures. One excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise is to provide case studies. 460 more words

Why Influence Still Matters

When you are about to make a purchase, what do you do? If you are like me and most people, we do some research and then based on what we find, we…wait for it…we ask our friends, colleagues and family what product or service they use. 485 more words


Get More Clients with Case Studies This Month

Is your business or practice in need of at least one case study per month? If so, please read on….

As you may or may not know, … 401 more words

Case Study

Build Your Testimonial Blog

If you know how to blog, already sell a product or service, and have customers or clients, you have all the ingredients to set up an ultra-powerful system to convert a mind-boggling fraction of your prospects into customers – without lifting a finger. 11 more words

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