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Dealing with Companies that Take Advantage

The American corporate model includes something very basic; make money to the greatest degree possible. Lately, corporations have become so greedy that many people who experience forms of disabilities are simply priced out of the market for items, or taken advantage of when they reach for services through corporations. 1,372 more words


FREE After School Childcare for #EdgewaterAvalon Families

With everything that is happening in the tragic aftermath of the #EdgewaterFire, we want to assist you  in making sure your children’s safety in the after school hours will be taken care of. 81 more words


Check Out Our Rainforest Alliance Verified™ Secrets Resorts & Spas!

At Secrets Resorts & Spas, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the tropical landscapes that we get to call home. 250 more words

Beans and Brew’s Apology to Our Customers and Employees

We, here at Beans & Brew, have been listening to the words of our employees, our stockholders, and our customers. We understand how upset each and everyone of you were to find out that we were purchasing our coffee beans from major coffee suppliers with unethical business standards. 154 more words

Organics Unlimited: One of San Diego’s Most Admired Companies

As we embark on our 15th year of business, we’re pleased to announce that San Diego Metropolitan Magazine named Organics Unlimited as one of San Diego’s most admired companies of 2014. 228 more words


I am litterbug and I know it

When I walk on the street (Yeah)
This is what I see,
Every minister is
sweeping the street. (Ohkay)
I got thrash in my hand, 545 more words

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And What Happened to That?

Every day when I plug in there is some major conflict that threatens everyone everywhere.

But it isn’t the same one each day.

Remember Ebola? We were really afraid there for a while. 1,509 more words

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