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Make your brain work without effort

If I tell you to close your eyes and think of your favourite dish, you’d easily do it and you won’t have to make an effort for it. 388 more words


Wisdom Quote #21.....seeking within with Carl Jung!

Photo Credit: http://awakeningtheself.com/2012/06/07/carl-jung-quotations/

“When you are up against a wall, put down roots like a tree, until clarity comes from deeper sources to see over that wall and grow.” 124 more words


First Thought Sonnet?

First Thought Sonnet?

Absent light, sun of day

marching poetic rhymes.

Fun games time to play

remembering lunch time.

Institution, start evolution

noon-time get out to play.

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Land grab!

The native land grab!

Those casualties of war,

taken all given!

Isn’t that what war is about,

attainment land and power!

Right and Wrong in 40 Countries: Pew's Global Attitudes Survey Tracks Values by Country

One of my absolute favorite subreddits is currently r/dataisbeautiful, a community of data lovers that brings you a daily stream of interesting research in digestible, visual bites. 677 more words


Everything We Thought We Knew Is Wrong

Scientists are realizing that our attempts over the past 20 years to understand a “universal human psyche” are misguided because there is no universal human psyche. 104 more words

Culture & Social Trend Research

Something wrong with that story

There are plenty of times when a story just doesn’t sound right. If it is an important story, you investigate further, like when you got that letter saying your house had been scheduled for demolition. 690 more words