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Keeping Older People Healthy and Socially Active: an update.

Further contact has taken place with Trent University and Nottingham Branch after the 23 July meeting with Chris Ring following the release of a draft course for anyone reaching retirement age who are looking for new opportunities to contribute to our ageing society and want and need new skills to grasp them. 119 more words

Adult Education

#BringBackOurGirls 100 days later

Over the past 100 days I have:

pottered in my garden.


helped my husband lay new flooring.

written school reports.

protested for Palestine.

bitched with friends. 226 more words


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What would you be doing if your daughter were among the kidnapped? Seriously, what would you do? Your child may not be among this group of girls, but they are all someone's child. So decide to do something! Make a commitment by adding it in your blog and linking it back here. Let's be on the side of the children... All children. postscript: I read 11 of the parents have died in the fighting since the kidnapping. So now your daughter is kidnaped and you are gone. What would YOU want OTHERS to do?  

Genius and stupidity are not mutually exclusive


(Original publication: Catallaxy Institute)

“His advocacy of racial and social justice turned out to be on the right side of history” (W. Isaacson). 219 more words

Giovanni Birindelli

Holy Sh*t: A Brilliant History of Swearing in Western Civilization...A MUST READ BOOK!!

This was a brilliant book on a subject taboo in most cultures, but essential to understanding them.

The West has given itself over to swearing to such a degree that it has become unaware that there was ever any other way to be. 211 more words


3 questions to ask when measuring an addiction

Before I leave the Earth, I anticipate saying that fear is the shackle that locks an addiction into place about a million more times. In a conversation I had last night, someone analogized someone addicted to heroin to someone addicted to alcohol. 515 more words


Sonnet: In Shadow

So often do I feel myself alone;
A shadow-being as dwelt in shadowed land;
Within a hidden place of shadowed sleep;
To drift within the dreams of others; and… 79 more words