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Hospital Breach Puts Patient Information At Risk

A breach of the Memorial Hermann Health System puts the personal information of more than 10,000 patients at risk.

An employee, who is no longer with Memorial Hermann, accessed patients’ electronic medical records- exposing sensitive data such as social security numbers and birthdates. 36 more words


Is the Death Index a proof of being deceased?

I know, it does sound like a silly question but bear with me for a moment. From what I have learned, death indexes are pretty much useless if you don’t look at the original record but there’s always other ways of verifying information from the indexes. 674 more words


و مرحوم خداوند این آخریا لقوه گرفته بود، بعضیا رو کسخل آفرید

مرحوم خدا، به نظر میاد که رسما بنده رو کسخل آفریده باشه.
و این از اون ادعاهای «کول»بازانه دوران جوونی و جاهلی نیست، که مثلا چایی رو با نوشابه قاتی می‌کردیم و می‌خوردیم، خیال می‌کردیم الان کون دنیا رو پاره کردیم با این هنجارشکنی عظیممون، بعد در حالی که احساس می‌کردیم خیلی بی‌کله، بی‌قانون، بی‌خیال و کسخل باحالی هستیم، این حرکت خودمون رو در قالب یه دستاورد عظیم واسه کل دنیا تعریف می‌کردیم.

2 Investigators: Millions In Social Security Payments Stolen

(CBS) — Thousands of Social Security beneficiaries have become victims of identity thieves who have hacked into their accounts and stolen millions of dollars in desperately needed benefits. 730 more words


Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen - PA Included!

UPDATE: Memorial Hospital representative tells us the hospital is not affected, but affiliated physician practices are. We are still unsure which practices those are.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center, Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center were not affected, according to a spokesperson from Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center. 468 more words


Getting a Social Security Number is not recommended.

The Social Security office is a soul crushing place. Like most bureaucratic departments it’s a standard take a ticket number and wait to be called deal. 705 more words

Automated phishing scams to cell phones

For Betanews, Joe Wilcox reports that he received on successive days automated scam calls purporting to have come from Barclays and AT&T: Don’t fall for phone phishing scams… 132 more words

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